Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th June 2024 Written Update: Janvi breaks off her ties with Pushkar

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th June 2024 On

The episode starts with Aryaman coming to Janvi’s house to check on Kian. Janvi allows Aryaman into the house and says this is the first time Kian wetted the bed. Janvi says she will change the blanket and his shorts with out waking him up. Aryaman says he will help her. Janvi agrees and takes Aryaman’s help to change the shorts and blanket of Kian. Janvi later puts Aryaman to sleep and says he learnt all of these things well. Aryaman says he learnt it from her.

Janvi asks Aryaman to not tell anyone that Kian has wet the bed and says Kian will feel ashamed. Aryaman says to Janvi that she should figure out why Kian has wet the bed. Janvi thinks she knows why Kian has wet the blood.

Premchand and Muralidhar try to find out where is Anya so that Aryaman could go and apologise to him. Premchand finds that Anya is in Ashram using her social media.

Kian eats the food with Janvi and Aryaman. Janvi plays a game with Kian to find out why is he sacred and she understands Pushkar is the one who scared Kian. Janvi decides to teach a lesson to Pushkar.

Premchand calls Aryaman and says to Aryaman that Anya is in Ashram. Premchand asks Aryaman to go and apologise to Anya. Aryaman agrees and gets ready to leave.

Sadhu comes to Janvi’s house and he brings Sumit his son with him. Sadhu introduces Sumit to Janvi. Sadhu asks Sumit to play with Kian. Janvi goes to make something for Sumit and Kian. Sadhu says to Janvi that the lawyer will be here right now to make the adoption official. Janvi agrees.

Kian asks Aryaman where is he going. Aryaman says he is going on an important work. Kian asks Aryaman to stop this adoption. Aryaman sees lawyer Dubey coming to finalise the adoption. Aryaman asks lawyer Dubey to come after 3 hours as Janvi and Sadhu went out after some work. Lawyer Dubey agrees and leaves from there.

Aryaman says to Kian that he willl not allow this adoption to happen and asks Kian not to worry and leaves from there.

Sadhu sees that Janvi hasn’t signed on the papers. Sadhu asks Janvi to sign on the adoption papers. Sadhu thinks once Janvi signs on the adoption papers he will make Janvi take the blame for the escort racket in the hotel and throw Kian into the streets to beg then his plan will be completed. Reva comes to Janvi and says she made mango shake for everyone. Janvi doesn’t sign the papers and goes into the kitchen to help Reva.

Janvi complaints to Reva about everything happening in a hurry. Pushkar in his intoxicated state comes to Janvi’s house and asks Reva if the adoption process is completed. Reva ays it will be completed once the lawyer comes here. Pushkar says there is no need to do all of this and says they will just throw Kian in an orphanage. Janvi throws water at Pushkar and asks Pushkar how dare he speak like that. Janvi asks Puhskar why is Kian scared of him. Pushkar says he told Kian that he will slap him and her if this wedding stops due to any reason. Janvi comments on Pushkar and breaks off her ties with Pushkar for his behaviour.

Suhasini asks Vish to go and meet Anya before Aryaman impress her. Vish agrees. Raina thinks here Aryaman game will be over and there Janvi’s game will be over.

Episode ends .

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