Main Hoon Saath Tere: Raina’s fake cops drama works, Aryaman steals the Engagement Ring

Main Hoon Saath Tere: Aryaman zips Jhanvi’s gown, Jhanvi feels Aryaman’s Heart Beat

Zee TV’S popular hit show Main Hoon Saath Tere is all set to keep it’s audience hooked to their screens with its high voltage twists and turns.

Sadhu tells the cops that Swapna is the culprit and then tells everyone that this will help them in clearing Jhanvi’s name easily. He thinks that they are fake cops.

Sadhu remember how Raina has asked to call the fake cops in ordee to trap them in his Drama. She tells him that they will easily trust him after this. He thanks her in his Heart.

Sadhu then decides to make her wear the Ring but Kian has stolen it. Pushkar tries to see it but he doesn’t let him. Pushkar fails to find the Ring to which Sadhu says adoption is more important to him.

Jhanvi scolds Aryaman

Jhanvi scolds Aryaman for framing Sadhu with the half baked truth and tells him to give the Ring if he has it. She tells him that the Engagement will happen at all costs.

Aryaman leaves from there and cheers up Kian. He shows him the Ring to which he gets Happy. He Promises to stop the Marriage. He gets to know the Truth of Sadhu.

Aryaman sees Jhanvi’s zip is loosened up and asks to dance with her. He sends Sadhu away. He then zips her dress to which they both get a little close.

What will happen next?

What will be Aryaman do the stop The Wedding?

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