Mai’s plan backfires in Gathbandhan!

Next in colors TV Gathbandhan, Raghu will get a shock instead of Dhanak.

In the episodes it is seen, Mai asked goons to kidnap Dhanak but Raghu saves her at the mean time. Dhanak gets hurt and Raghu takes her to the hospital. Dhanak asks Raghu to fresh start the life but Raghu recalls the insult of his and his mother and says he don’t want to her in his life anymore.

Otherside, Mai gets furious seeing her plan got fail, as Raghu saved Dhanak. He beats the goons and goon reveals that why she is beating them, as they have done what she has said to them. Raghu comes and Savitri says they were about to kidnap Maya but Dhanak came in between them.

Mai and Maya again plan against Dhanak and think to shock her. The duo plans to give an electric shock to her. But instead of her Raghu will end up getting the shock.

In the upcoming episode will see Raghu will go to check the light and Mai will think it’s Dhanak. In order to harm her she will end by hurting Raghu, as he will get a shock. Raghu will fall unconscious. Dhanak will run to Raghu and will ask him to open his eyes. A woman will tell Mai that Raghu got shock and he is not opening his eyes. Mai will rush to Raghu and will be  shocked seeing him lying unconscious.

How Dhanak will save Raghu’s life and do Mai will regret her acts? Well, to know what next will happen in Gathbandhan keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors TV.

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