Makar Sankranti celebration to bring twist in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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Drama to intensify in colors show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

So far in the episode it is seen, Vansh allows Riddhima to stay back in the house for Siya’s sake against Singhania’s wish. Ahana gets annoyed with Vansh post he allows Riddhima to stay back in the house. Vansh discloses as per the condition he gave her place in the house and warns her not to intervene in his personal life.

Further, Daadi support Vansh over his decision for avenging Riddhima. There, Riddhima talks with Siya and says to her that post she will be fine they will prove her innocence in front of Vansh. She adds after that they will make fun of Vansh too for giving so much of pain to her. Vansh overhears Riddhima’s talk and tells to her that he has moved on in his life. Riddhima shows her believe on Vansh and discloses that she know well that he cannot marry someone else. Afterwards, Vansh asks Riddhima being a party planner to organize MakarSankranti celebration at the house. Riddhima vows that during MakarSankranti, Vansh will accept her as his wife and will also bring her back in their room.

Now in the upcoming episode, kite flying competition will happen between Riddhima and Ahana. As per the competition bet, Riddhima will leave VR Mansion. Vansh will realize his mistake and will somehow manage to bring Riddhima back in the house. Singhania’s will get shocked with the sudden change in behaviour of Vansh towards Riddhima. It will be interesting to watch, do Vansh has a change of heart or he is again trapping Riddhima? What Riddhima is upto. Do Vansh will once again betray Riddhima? Well, all these questions will be answered shortly in the show. Keep watching Ishq Mein Marjawan mon-sat on Colors.

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