Malhar to find a new clue against Atharv in Tujhse Hai Raabta

There is a say in our society that some people can never change no matter how much you try. That seems to be the exact case of Zee TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta. The show which was promised to be  an uncommon story of daughter and mother not related by blood certainly turned into a love triangle, then square, then hexagon and so on. From the very starting of the show the relation between Kalyani and Anupriya was being the highlight and the focusing point of the story.

Nowadays the manipulations and conspiracies of Atharva is actually making the show show a promoter of negativity and evil winning over good message among the audience. Persons who are not even perfect in the life or in their relationships are questioning another one who actually being wronged by their loved ones.

As we have seen from very long in the show the story is revolving around how Atharva is achieving whatever he wants by making the genuine people suffer. As we had seen in the last episode of the show Kalyani and Malhar even after getting the proves unable to expose in front of Atul.

Atul who himself ditched his wife for an another woman is now questioning Malhar about his loyalty. Well as per the storyline Anupriya is already kidnapped by the people of Atharva and now the blackmailing game is on for him again. Kalyani already gave in her nod for the marriage and now he is making her dance as per his wish. Proofs that Malhar arranged to speak about the truth of Atharva and expose him, Kalyani disapproved them all and made Malhar wrong in front of all.

In short, the torture of tolerating this sheer negativity is not going to less anymore in the show. As per the sources close to the show viewers will see situation getting worse in the house further. Atharva will ask Kalyani to jump in well just like that.

On the other hand Malhar will assume something to be wrong in the calculation with Kalyani and he will try to find out the same. He will be seen contacting a tattoo artist in the upcoming episode while Kalyani will again try to stop him from doing so.

Well let’s hope that the writer of the show ends this chain of negativity from the show and along with characters even the viewers can get to see some light hearted happy moments soon. Keep watching this space for more updates.