June 19, 2019
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Malhar to get a clue in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee Tv popular show Tujhse Hai Raabta is slowly heading towards the love realization track of Malhar and Kalyani. As we already Atharva wanted to marry Kalyani and Atul is happy with the alliance while on the other hand Malhar gradually started to realize what place Kalyani holds in his life and heart. While Anupriya and Malhar are shocked with the fact that Kalyani said yes for the marriage but somehow Malhar is suspecting Kalyani to be under any pressure or situation. Amidst of all these dramas already existing in the lives of these people the story is all set to watch another bunch of drama.

As we have seen in the latest promo that Kalyani and Malhar were out for work and while they are in care a lorry coming from the front hit them. Malhar somehow managed the situation and both of them escaped from a huge accident but seems like bad times are not gonna leave them anytime soon. As per the latest track, Kalyani is unable to see anything and apparently blind for the people around her. Whereas the ardent viewers of the show are aware of the conspiracy of Atharv here as he exchanges the drop so that Kalyani lives in a feeling of being blind.

Malhar, however, is feeling guilty for Kalyani state and decided to donate his eyes. In tonight episode Malhar will finally get to hold of a breakthrough about Kalyani being blind. He will consult a doctor who will be told him that this drop is injurious to health and can snatch someone’s vision for some hours or day. Well Atharv
wanted Kalyani to remain blind until he married her and here Malhar is already aware of the truth, now it will be interesting to see whether he will be able to catch Atharva here or not. Also, will Kalyani be able to see again in spite of taking the drop again and again on her eyes?

To know all the answers to the questions given below please watch the show on Zee TV Mon-Fri 8:30 pm

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