Mangal Lakshmi 16th March 2024 Written Update: Adit is taken aback

Mangal Lakshmi 16th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mangal and Lakshmi thank Karthik. Karthik says it’s his duty and offers to drop them but Mangal says they will go in the auto. Karthik hires auto for them and they leave. Jia feels jealous.

Adit pays a visit to Soumya’s residence. Lakshmi also stops the auto to deliver her stitching order. Lakshmi realises she forgot her bag in the auto. She goes back to collect it and in this time Adit enters in lift. Lakshmi takes her delivery packet and comes near the lift but the lift door gets closed before she sees Adit. Adit reaches the 6th floor and enters Soumya’s house and hugs her. Soumya gives him his favourite coffee. Lakshmi also comes to Saumya’s house and presses the calling bell.

Adit opens the door. Lakshmi picks up the things she dropped and she doesn’t see Adit. The auto driver asks Mangal to call Lakshmi and ask her to come soon. Mangal calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi attends the call and tells Mangal that she is coming. Adit is shocked to see Lakshmi in front of him and closes the door. Lakshmi feels weird and knocks on the door.

Saumya asks Adit what happened. Adit tells her Lakshmi is outside. Saumya says Lakshmi brought her friend’s stitched clothes. She asks Lakshmi to place them outside and leave. Lakshmi says she wants money today to buy a gift for her sister. The auto driver tells Mangal that he is getting late and asks Mangal to hire another auto. Mangal agrees and goes upstairs to check on Lakshmi.

Saumya pays money to Lakshmi without showing her face and closes the door. Mangal comes there and takes Lakshmi with her. Adit feels relaxed seeing they left. Adit sees the file and realises he has a meeting and left the file at home.

Mangal and Lakshmi pack the things. Adit returns home and opens cartons without listening to Mangal. He insults Mangal. Mangal realises he is searching for blue file and tells him that she kept it in his bag. He goes to take the bag. Lakshmi and Kids come to the hall and see all cartons opened. They ask Mangal what happened. Adit comes downstairs and is about to leave for a meeting. Mangal tries to give him the carriage but she steps on a glass jar and falls down. Lakshmi and Kids Feel worried for Mangal but Adit stands unworried. Karthik who comes there rushes to help Mangal. He asks Adit to take Mangal to hospital but Adit says he has an important meeting and Leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lakshmi, Mangal and Karthik will catch Saumya and Adit red handed in the restaurant.

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