Mangal Lakshmi 18th March 2024 Written Update: Mangal gets upset

Mangal Lakshmi 18th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthik saying to Lakshmi that Mangal didn’t like the food and what she told him is not Mangal’s favourite food. Mangal says I am eating it after so long and I love this food. Lakshmi serves her. Lakshmi sees so many people are in queue to enter the restaurant. She comments on it. Mangal and Karthik smile. Mangal says they need to return home soon to pack things. Lakshmi and Karthik remind Mangal she needs complete rest.

Adit and Saumya sit in their regular spot. Adit secretly asks the waiter to write a special message for Soumya on their ordered cake. Waiter agrees. Karthik and Lakshmi insist on Mangal to eat the food. Karthik says Adit might already have his lunch. Mangal smiles. Mangal calls Adit. Adit ignores Mangal’s call.

Karthik video calls Adit. Adit picks up the call and lies that he is in a meeting. He is surprised to see Mangal. He sees premises in video call and understands Mangal is in the same hotel. He asks her where is she. Mangal tells him that Karthik brought her to the restaurant. Adit scolds Mangal for disturbing him and cuts the call.

Mangal prays god to not trouble Adit in the meeting. Adit sees Mangal. Karthik apologises to Mangal. Mangal says it’s not his mistake. Karthik comments on Adit. Mangal takes the side of Adit. Karthik says to Mangal that Adit is lucky to have her.

Adit tells Saumya that they need to flee from the hotel before Lakshmi and Mangal catch them. Karthik asks Mangal and Lakshmi to eat the food and he leaves to pay the bill. Adit and Saumya are about to leave but The waiter stops them and asks them to take the cake delivery but Adit and Saumya escape from there. Karthik, Mangal and Lakshmi come out. Karthik sees Adit’s car is leaving the hotel and feels confused.

Adit tells Saumya that he is unlucky to get Mangal as his wife. Saumya comments Mangal spoiled their outing. Adit assures her that he will make her get the cake. Lakshmi tells Karthik they forgot to take Mangal’s medicine. Karthik tells her they can take medicine on way.

Packers and movers tell Kusum that their packing is done. Kusum tells Gayatri that Karthik is a savior as he arranged packers and movers team. Kusum tries to feed her grandson but he doesn’t eat. Adit returns home and sees everything. He asks his mother about Mangal. Mangal, Karthik, and Lakshmi return home.

Adit humiliates Mangal for returning home lately. Lakshmi and Karthik tell Adit how they took Mangal to the restaurant taking Kusum’s permission to make Mangal take her tablets. Adit asks what are they doing at costly Blue Sky hotel. Lakshmi asks if he is at that place. Karthik says he saw his car. Everyone gets shocked. Kusum says it’s not possible as he had a meeting. Adit tells Karthik that he might have seen someone else. Kusum asks how his meeting went on. Adit comments on it which upsets Mangal. Lakshmi asks Adit how he knew that they were in that hotel. Adit lies that he saw the hotel name when Mangal talked to him in video call. Kusum asks them to end the matter.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hotel Delivery boy delivers cake to Adit. Adit behaves strangely which creates suspicion in Lakshmi’s mind. Later Lakshmi learns a shocker from the delivery boy.

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