Mangal Lakshmi 29th March 2024 Written Update: Jia’s cunning plan

Mangal Lakshmi 29th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akshat reminding Mangal about the challenge. Mangal decides to apply color to Adit. On the other hand, Lakshmi sees Blue dress happily. Lipika asks Lakshmi if she is intentionally wearing Karthik’s favorite colour. Lakshmi asks her not to talk rubbish and tells her that it’s gifted to her by Mangal. Shanti comes there and swaps Lipika and Lakshmi’s dresses. Lakshmi tries to deny but Shanti doesn’t listen. Lakshmi leaves from there. Lipika asks Shanti why she gave her dress to Lakshmi. Shanti says Mangal gave Karthik’s favorite color dress to Lakshmi so she can impress him but I want Karthik’s name to be linked with you. Karthik agrees.

Akshat sees Adit’s mood is good. He asks Mangal to apply colour to Adit. Mangal agrees and tries to apply colour to Adit but Adit stops her and tells her that she can apply colour to him when they reach Karthik’s house for Holi’s celebration. Mangal agrees.

Karthik asks Jia to come to Holi’s party early and tells her that today he is going to introduce her to Gayatri. Jia wonders why Karthik is scared of Gayatri. She orders Bhang for Karthik to make him confess his love to Gayatri. On the other side, Gayatri strictly orders Karthik to not allow intoxicated drinks at the party. Karthik agrees.

Shanti and her family leave for the Holi party in a cab asking Lakshmi to come by bus. Adit and his family reach Karthik’s house. Karthik asks Adit to join them in Holi celebrations. Adit says he has an important work. He goes aside and calls Soumya. Soumya asks if he is coming to her house. Adit says it’s tough to escape from the party. Soumya cuts the call. Adit continuously calls Soumya.

Lipika and her family come to Karthik’s house. Shanti asks Lipika to take credit of Lakshmi’s prepared drink by telling Karthik that she prepared it. Mangal asks Adit to give his phone so she can call Lakshmi but he refuses saying he is waiting for an important call.

Akshat colours Karthik. Karthik decides to colour Akshat but the color he throws falls on Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks if he welcomes guests in this way. Karthik asks her to not feel bad. Lakshmi goes to meet Mangal. Jia comes to Karthik’s Holi party and hugs him. Karthik asks her to behave like a friend in front of his mom. Jia thinks she will make him confess his feelings for her to Gayatri using Bhang.

Lakshmi hugs Mangal and wishes her a happy Holi. Mangal asks who colored her. Lakshmi reveals to her it’s Karthik and comments on him. Mangal tells Lakshmi that she will make her remember their childhood and runs behind her with colour. Kusum and Gayatri see Lakshmi and Mangal happily. Kusum praises Mangal and Lakshmi’s qualities. Mangal colors Lakshmi. Lakshmi says to Mangal that she doesn’t apply colour to her thinking about Adit. She asks why he didn’t apply colour to her. Mangal tells her about Kids’ challenge. Lakshmi asks her to win the challenge.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soumya comes to Holi’s party to celebrate Holi with Adit. Mangal tries to apply colour to Adit.

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