Mangal Lakshmi 31st May 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi feels heartbroken

Mangal Lakshmi 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mangal asking Nidhi if she wants anything. Nidhi says we don’t want anything, We want this forced wedding to be over. Mangal asks what does she mean by forced marriage? Nidhi says Karthik isn’t happy with marriage and Gayatri forced him to do this wedding. Mangal gets shocked. She leaves from there.

Lipika diverts Lakshmi and steals money from locker. Mangal meets Gayatri and asks her if Karthik is forced to marry Mangal. Gayatri thinks of Kusum’s words. Gayatri asks Mangal who told her. Mangal tells her that Vidhi informed her. Gayatri lies to her that Karthik is happy. Mangal asks Gayatri to swear on her and tell her if Karthik is doing this wedding under pressure. Lakshmi comes there and tells Mangal that Karthik is not marrying her under pressure. Mangal says she can’t take risk. Lakshmi shows Karthik’s love letter to Mangal and assures her that Karthik is happy with the marriage. Mangal feels relaxed.

Lakshmi asks Mangal to clear all her doubts. She tells Mangal that Karthik could never come with her to purchase the Mangal Sutra if he isn’t happy. Gayatri feels relaxed. She advises Mangal to forget everything and make the arrangements for marriage. Mangal agrees. Gayatri leaves from there. Lakshmi asks Mangal to feel relaxed.

Karthik packs his bags and gets ready to run away from his wedding. Mangal searches for money. Kusum comes there and asks her what happened. Mangal tells her that money is missing. Mangal and everyone searched for money but they didn’t find it. Kusum advises Mangal to take Adit’s help but she refuses. Kusum insists on her. Karthik disguises himself as a worker and tries to escape from the wedding.

Lipika hides money in the roof and leaves from there. Soumya notices Lipika is hiding something. She goes there and sees the money. She understands that it’s Mangal’s money seeing the writing.

Mangal seeks Adit’s help. Adit refuses to give her money. Soumya comes there and gives money to Mangal. She lies to Mangal that she found the money in a flower basket. Mangal thanks her. Adit asks Mangal to learn how to handle situations from Soumya. Soumya takes Mangal’s side. Adit leaves from there.

Lipika takes Shanti to the place where she hid money. She tells Shanti how she hid Mangal’s money. Shanti slaps her. She scolds Lipika for troubling her sister. She asks Lipika to return the money to Mangal. Lipika sees money is missing.

Mangal asks Soumya if it’s really her money as the cover on the money is missing from it. Soumya lies to Mangal that it’s her money, she lied in front of Adit to help her. Mangal refuses to take the money but Soumya insists her to take her help. Mangal thanks her for help and assures her that she will repay her soon. Karthik starts the car. Lakshmi prays to the goddess in the temple with Karthik’s letter. The Letter flies from there and falls in the Karthik’s car. Lakshmi tried to stop the car but she couldn’t. She feels heartbroken for losing Karthik’s letter.

Episode ends.

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