Mangal Lakshmi 5th June 2024 Written Update: Sowmya makes a marriage proposal to Adit

Mangal Lakshmi 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kusum and Gayatri asking Karthik and Lakshmi to sit together and eat food. Karthik and Lakshmi sit on opposite sides. Mangal asks Karthik and Lakshmi to sit together. Shanti brings two plates to the blade and groom. Kusum asks Shanti to take the two plates away as Karthik and Lakshmi will eat from the same plate. Mangal puts a single plate for Karthik and Lakshmi. Mangal goes to bring Adit to eat food.

Adit gets shocked seeing Sowmya getting dressed as a bride.

Kusum encourages Karthik and Lakshmi to eat the food from the same plate.

Adit asks Sowmya to leave before anyone sees her. Sowmya gets on her knee and asks Karthik if he will marry her. Adit asks Sowmya what is she saying as she didn’t like marriage and all this nonsense. Sowmya says she didn’t like it before but now today she saw the greatness of Suhagan. Sowmya says she is missing all of this and says she wants to be his wife.

Mangal thanks Goddess for doing Lakshmi’s wedding and she decides to concentrate on her husband and kids.

Sowmya shows the Mangalsutra to Adit and asks Adit wear this Mangalsutra around her neck. Adit doesn’t agrees to Sowmya’s request. Sowmya says to Adit that Mangal is getting respect as his wife and she wants that respect. Adit comments on it.

Mangal comes to Adit and asks Adit to come to eat food. Adit says he will eat food after getting changed. Sowmya hides from Mangal.

Adit after sending Mangal away asks Sowmya not to complicate his life. Adit asks Sowmya to leave before anyone sees her.

Lakshmi tries to talk to Karthik. Karthik says the time is over and says she destroyed both his life and her life also.

Karthik asks Shanti when will the Bridal farewell start. Shanti says it will start after Mangal cries and Lakshmi cries. Mangal says she will not cry as Lakshmi has gotten close to her in relation.

Lakshmi does the bridal farewell ritual. After the ritual Lakshmi hugs Mangal and cries to herself. Mangal asks Lakshmi why is she crying. Lakshmi says she doesn’t know. Mangal says to Lakshmi the importance of wedding and asks Lakshmi not to worry. Karthik and Lakshmi take the elders blessings and leaves from there.

Karthik and Lakshmi sit in the car. Lakshmi tries to tell the truth to Karthik but Ishana and Akshat say they will sit in the car. Mangal tries to take them away but Karthik asks Mangal to allow them to sit in the car. Mangal agrees.

Lakshmi thinks Karthik doesn’t want to listen to him.

Episode ends.

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