Mangal Lakshmi 8th June 2024 Written Update: Gayatri gifts gold bangle to Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthik stopping Lakshmi from sleeping on the sofa. He asks Lakshmi to help him in clearing the bed. Lakshmi agrees. They remove flowers decoration from the bed. Karthik tells Lakshmi that they are friends and can share the bed. He asks her to choose the comfortable side for her. Lakshmi chooses one side. They happily sleep on bed.

Mangal serves breakfast to her family members. She decides to call Lakshmi to know what’s she planning to make for her first kitchen ritual. Gayatri asks the servant to put pineapple outside as she wants to do something for Karthik. Lakshmi comes to the kitchen. She decides to call Mangal to take her suggestion on first kitchen ritual. Mangal calls Lakshmi but the call doesn’t connect. Lakshmi calls Mangal but Mangal doesn’t answer her calls. She sees pineapple and uses that pine apple to do Pineapple apple Halwa for her first kitchen ritual. Indu tries to warn Lakshmi but Sanjana stops her.

Kusum asks Adit to come home soon as Lakshmi is coming to there house for her paghphere. Adit tells Mangal that he can’t bear Lakshmi’s torture all the time and comments on her. Kusum comforts Mangal.

On the way Adit tries to pacify Soumya. He receives a call which shocks him. Everyone sits for breakfast. Gayatri asks the servant to bring the pineapple. Lakshmi tells Gayatri that she used it for her halwa. She apologises to Gayatri. Karthik and his father say it’s fine. Gayatri tells Lakshmi that she will take care of Karthik’s things. Lakshmi serves halwa to everyone. Karthik and his father praise Lakshmi’s dish. Sanjana mocks Lakshmi. Gayatri stops her and gifts a bangle to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi on video call tells Mangal that everyone liked her food and she got Kada as a gift. Mangal says to Lakshmi that she knows that everyone would like her food. Mangal hears the calling bell sound. She goes to open the door. She feels surprised to see Ishana and Adit.

Karthik throws clothes while selecting a shirt. Lakshmi enters the room and sees Karthik shirtless. She turns and reminds Karthik that she is also sharing the room. Karthik apologises to her and rushes to the washroom. Gayatri comes there and gives her jewellery. She asks Lakshmi to wear that jewellery for paghphere ritual. Lakshmi agrees.

Adit scolds Mangal for making the wrong solar system design. Kusum asks Ishana why she didn’t do her project. Ishana says she thought Mangal would know about the Solar system but she spoiled her project. Adit says Ishana got Zero marks in a project because of Mangal’s blunder. Adit asks Mangal to not be involved in things that she doesn’t know. Adit’s father tries to control Adit but he doesn’t listen. Adit tells Mangal that he doesn’t want his daughter to become a loser like her. Mangal gets deeply hurt by Adit’s words

Episode ends.

Precap – Adit on calls tells Gayatri that Mangal has her own family and she needs to take care of her kids. Soumya comes there and tells Adit that she will help Ishana in her studies.

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