Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Written Update: Krishna’s expectations towards a wife makes Pratigya emotional

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna says to himself why he thinks about Pratigya always then says this is not right. Krishna says Pratigya is a secretary then she has to do her work Only. Krishna then calls Pratigya and asks her what is she doing to him. Pratigya fails to understand Krishna’s words and says that she is getting ready to go to bed. Pratigya asks Krishna where is he. Krishna asks Pratigya to answer his question first.

Pratigya says to Krishna that she is answering his questions Only then asks him to tell her where is he. Krishna tells the restaurant name then Pratigya disconnects the call. Krishna in his drunken state tells how can Pratigya disconnect his call then says that he is going to terminate her from the job. Shakti takes Keerti and Garv to a dark room. Both Garv and Keerti pleads him but Shakti refuses to listen saying that they should have thought about this before. Keerti and Garv cries holding each other.

Sumitra asks Meera to stop crying. Sumitra says to Meera it’s her mistake. Meera gets shocked and asks Sumitra what all she did for Krishna still he decides to show his love on some other women and then Meera asks Sumitra to advice Krishna not her. Sumitra says to Meera that she give her Krishna who she wanted in her life for a long time but she doesnt know how to be with Krishna then it’s not Krishna’s fault but hers. Meera says to Sumitra she did everything for Krishna and sacrificed her whole life to be with him now what else she wants to do. Sumitra says to Meera that she has to learn things from Kesar. Kesar never questions Shakti that’s one of the reason Shakti is still keeping her with him.

Sumitra asks Meera to stop questioning if she dont know how to stop Krishna from going behind other women. Adarsh comes to the room where Keerti and Garv is. They both gets scared. Adarsh asks them not to get scared then says that he bought them a food. Garv says to Adarsh that he dont want his food. Adarsh says to Garv that he knows that Garv is upset with him but it is not right to show anger on food then says the food always belongs to who is hungry then feeds Keerti and Garv. Adarsh then says to Keerti Keerti and Garv to hide the plate somewhere else then leaves the room.

Sumitra says to Meera there is to options to keep their husbands to themselves. One is by showing their tears but if it doesnt work then a women has to wrap her husband around her saree pallu. Sumitra asks Meera to do something to get closer to Krishna then leaves the room. Sumitra sees Adarsh and asks him what is he doing. Adarsh says to Sumitra that he heard a noise outside so he comes to check. Sumitra asks Adarsh to stay in his limits then leaves the place.

Pratigya comes to meet Krishna at the bar. Pratigya gets uncomfortable when drunken men goes past her. Pratigya asks Krishna what is he doing. Krishna looks at Pratigya Pratigya then says that he is just imagining her just like before and tries to leaves the room. Pratigya asks Krishna what is he saying. Krishna touches Pratigya’s shoulder then asks Pratigya how she knows that he is here.

Pratigya says to Krishna when he called her she understands that he drunk too much so she decides to help him go to the house safely. Krishna says to Pratigya that he is not a kid so he can handle himself and asks Pratigya to go to her house. Pratigya goes behind Krishna who misses his balance Multiple times on his way to the car and does funny things which makes Pratigya laugh so hard then she helps Krishna to get into the car. Pratigya asks Krishna what happened in his house that he drunk this much. Krishna asks Pratigya why wives always questions so much their husband and why they aren’t trusting their husbands words. Pratigya cries and then asks Krishna what kind of wife he wants.

Krishna explains that he wants someone to trust him, he wants his wife to scold him with so much love when he does something wrong, if they have a problem then he wants them to sort it out to themselves and not to involve their family members. Pratigya recalls all the moments where Pratigya and Krishna is there for each other then cries. Pratigya tries to touch Krishna then decides not to. Krishna says those who are lucky can only get such life. Pratigya asks Krishna dont he met anyone in the past according to his wishes. Krishna says to Pratigya that he dont remember much and she is not aware about his condition.

Pratigya stops the car infront of the Singh’s house. Meera looks at Krishna’s car from upstairs. Pratigya asks Krishna to come out of the car saying that they reached his house and takes him out of the car. Pratigya tries to keep Krishna in his place but fails. Then they both gets really close when they losses their balance. Meera watches everything from the terrace. Pratigya closes her eyes and gets closer to Krishna. Soch na sake song plays in the background.

Precap: Pratigya wonders why Krishna is late then says to herself that he needs to sign so many documents. Pratigya sees Krishna entering the hotel so she takes all the files with her the same time Adarsh enters the hotel behind Krishna but Pratigya fails to notice. Pratigya enters Krishna’s cabin asking did he called her then gets shocked seeing Adarsh there. Adarsh also gets shocked seeing Pratigya there. Krishna looks at Adarsh and Pratigya and asks do they know each other. Pratigya worriedlynlooks at Adarsh. Adarsh says to Krishna yes they know each other. Pratigya gets shocked hearing Adarsh’s words.

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