Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 19th May 2021 Written Update : Pratigya asks divorce from Krishna

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 19th May 2021 Written Update on

Pratigya comes outside and sees Krishna. Krishna asks to Pratigya what is she thinking she can only able to move on, he can’t? Krishna asks Pratigya that she must be thinking that he still loves her but she is wrong that Krishna who loved Pratigya is died. Krishna falls down. Meera goes to Krishna but Krishna stops her and asks her not to touch him. Krishna says that he never lacked off women in her life but he truly loved Pratigya now he gets to know about her real face he also decides to move on and says there are so many women who is not shameless like Pratigya.

Pratigya says to Krishna that if he is moved on like how he said then why he is here and what is he trying to prove by telling her this. Pratigya says that she dont care whatever happens in Krishna’s life and says that he is jealous of Pratigya. Pratigya says that Krishna doesn’t know how to handle jealousy that’s why he is here and creating a scene. Krishna says to Pratigya that she is right but what she doesn’t know is he truly loved her, and says that he Loved a wrong woman.

Krishna says just because he made a mistake of loving a wrong woman he cant let his family suffer neither he dont want to ruin his life. Krishna says that he found a woman who he is going to love so much when Pratigya looks at them she will long for that kind of love for her. Krishna drags Meera towards him and then cuts his thumb and fills Meera’s hairline with his blood. Meera Pratigya and Adarsh gets shocked.

Pratigya steps backwards. Krishna says from now he will give Pratigya’s place to Meera. Adarsh asks Krishna what is he doing. Pratigya stops Adarsh. Krishna takes Meera’s hand and leaves the place. Meera touches her forehead and looks at the blood. Pratigya runs inside the house.

Adarsh comes to Pratigya and says that some things may seem easy saying but not when it actually happens they cant handle it. Adarsh asks Pratigya to take care of her and says they he understands what is she going through and says it’s not easy to accept what Krishma did because she loved him so much and spent ten years with him but she has to be strong for Krishna and the kids. Adarsh says to Pratigya this is what she wants right.

Pratigya falls to the ground and cries loudly. Everyone in the house sees Krishna and Meera together. Krishna leaves the room. Komal asks Meera what is happening here and asks why she isnt saying anything. Shakti also asks Meera to say something. Sumitra gets happy seeing Meera’s hairline is filled. Meera wakes up and sees her hair line and looks outside and sees its raining.

Meera goes outside and dances on the rain. Meera imagines Krishna is dancing with her. Krishna sees Meera dancing on the rain he goes to her. Meera tries to touch Krishna’s feet. Krishna stops Meera and takes her inside.

Krishna asks Meera what is she doing and asks her why she is putting vermilion on her forehead and why she is dancing on the rain happily. Sumitra says that Meera is happy and asks Krishna dont he remember yesterday he is the one who filled Meera’s hairline. Krishna says to Meera that he just did all that to make Pratigya jealous and asks Meera to remove the vermilion and says that he loved and will always love Pratigya alone and he will neither in real life nor in his dreams will give someone Pratigya’s place in his life. Meera gets hurt and cries. Krishna asks Meera to not get her hopes high and leaves the room.

Meera touch the vermilion and cries. Sumitra says to Meera that she knows fir a woman how important vermilion is to her. Sumitra says that now Krishna is not thinking properly but she will make it sure to make him understand. Sumitra says in Krishna’s fate Meera’s name is written that’s why it’s all happening and says that she accepts Meera as her daughter in law and asks Meera to not to worry about Krishna he will soon understand.

Adarsh says to Pratigya is she sure about her this decision and warns she can’t go back from here if she takes this step. Pratigya says that she is sure this is want she want. Adarsh pleads her to wait until the report comes. Pratigya asks Adarsh why he is hoping that result will change. Adarsh says that the moment she came to his house she is not feeling weak or vomiting so maybe the tablets are working and asks her to wait until tomorrow. Pratigya says to Adarsh may be he is right but she cant put false Hope’s and says that she is going to do this today itself.

Sumitra asks Meera to sit with them saying she is one of their family members too. Garv looks confusedly at Sumitra. Sumitra asks Komal to serve everyone food. Komal asks Sumitra why she is asking her to do the work and gets up to serve everyone. Sumitra says to Meera that today onwards she can sit on Pratigya’s place. Krishna comes there and doesnt say anything. Komal says Pratigya. Everyone looks at Pratigya.

Garv turns his face the other side. Sumitra wonders why Pratigya is still alive and thinks why she is here. Pratigya says to Krishna that he decides to move on and marry another woman right then he has to do it properly. Pratigya says that everyone knows filling someone’s hairline with blood wont consider as marriage, for marriage they have to take pheras and vows but most importantly Krishna has to divorce her and puts the divorce papers on the table. Krishna gets shocked. Sumitra smiles.

Precap: Adarsh shows Pratigya’s report and says that she dont have cancer and someone in the family give her poison. Pratigya cries. Pratigya calls Sumitra and says that she wants meet her. Sumitra says that she has to do something to remove Pratigya soon.

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