Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 21st April 2021 Written Update: Pratigya determines to arrest Balwant

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Singh’s comes to the hospital and looks at Krishna’s condition then cries. Doctor tries to increase Krishna’s pulse when they notice the pulse is getting worse. Later thevhwart monitor shows Krishna is dead. Doctor says that they are sorry they can’t able to save Krishna. Everyone cries. Pratigya recalls before he goes to prison how he asked her not to worry.

Sajjan recalls how Krishna told him to take care of himself. Krishna’s mom asks the doctor how could they say this and asks Krishna to get up. Pratigya also asks Krishna to get up then tells Sajjan to do something. Sajjan asks krishna what is he doing. Doctor asks Everyone to Understand. Pratigya cries and tells that Krishna can’t leave his babu just like that then holds his hand and recalls their happy moments. Kesar asks her to leave Krishna’s hand. Shakti hugs Komal. Finally Krishna’s fingers make a move then Pratigya looks at the monitor and calls the doctor. Everyone looks Happy. Nurse asks them to leave the place. Shakti says that they are leaving but go and treat Krishna. Everyone leaves the room. Doctor asks the other doctor to give him an injection.

Sumitra says to Komal that she know what kind of a person Pratigya is but she only accepted her because of Krishna because Krishna gets what he wants since his Childhood but today Pratigya put him in a dead bed. She further says how she turned everyone’s world upside down. Komal says that Sumitra is right but who is going to make others understand about Pratigya.

Other side Pratigya looks sad and recalls how everyone warned her about Balwant. Adarsh asks her not to leave her hope now Krishna is alive and he will get better soon. Pratigya says that if something happened to Krishna she will never forgive herself but god showed some kindness and bring him back to this world. Sumitra says now onwards we have to become our old self. Komal says that Sumitra is right but who is going to stop Pratigya she will be the hurdle. Sumitra says that Pratigya needs to be a family for that, and she already removed her name from registered book.

Pratigya says to Adarsh may be she is the one wrong. She shouldn’t have asked Krishna to surrender. Adarsh asks Pratigya why she is blaming her as a lawyer she did a great job. Pratigya says as a lawyer she fulfilled her job but what about as a wife, she failed as a wife or the law failed them. Komal asks Sumitra even if she throw Pratigya out once Krishna recovers he will bring her back. Sumitra asks then what to do let Krishna die. Then she says she can’t let her son die so they have to do something to separate Krishna and Pratigya forever.

Pratigya calls the officer and asks is this what we get for asking her son and her husband to surrender. Now her husband is in dead bed. She as a lawyer chose right path and done everything right even after knowing Balwant but how come they let this happen to her husband.

The officer when tries to apologise she interrupts saying she don’t want any concern Words she wants justice and she says that everyone knows Balwant is the one who done this. She asked them to arrest Balwant otherwise she will go the court. If the district court will not accept she will appeal to High court and Supreme court. The officer says he will try. Pratigya says no she want Balwant’s arrest warrant that’s it. The officer says let him look what he can do. Adarsh hears everything and smiles at Pratigya.

In the hospital Pratigya comes outside of the doctor room and informs everyone that doctor gave permission to discharge Krishna. Komal says that Sajjan is asked her to come Everyone to his friends farm house to make Krishna feel better.

Pratigya says that it’s a good idea. Then says that she will call Kesar to bring kids here, Komal says that’s not necessary and tells kids need to study. Pratigya says okay. Samar tells everyone that they don’t need anyone to take care of them. Pratigya says that it’s not possible to travel Everyone in one car. Adarsh says that he will drop them. Pratigya says okay and Adarsh says that he will go and bring Krishna. Komal looks at Adarsh and thinks now she Understand why Adarsh is behind her and she thinks let’s see how long he is going to take to confess his feelings then smiles.

Outside the hospital Komal tells that she will travel with Adarsh, Krishna and Pratigya. Once inside the car Komal plays the song and looks at Adarsh who looks at her back and smiles. In the backside Krishna holds Pratigya’s face and shakes his head when he sees her sad. Pratigya kisses Krishna’s hand Krishna does the same. They both smiles. Komal and Adarsh’s hand touch accidentally they both look at eachother and look away smiling. Krishna puts Pratigya’s head on his shoulder and smiles. Adarsh coughs Komal gives him water. Krishna and Pratigya looks at eachother.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sumitra mix something on orange juice and feed Pratigya. Later she tells poison will remove poison. Pratigya goes inside feeling not well then fell inside unconsciously.

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