Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Meera’s revelation to shock Krishna and Pratigya

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna tells that he is ashamed to know that he born in this house. Everyone took advantage of his memory loss and makes him their play thing. Sumitra asks Krishna to not to talk like this and says that when they take him to the hospital from the accident spot they thought Pratigya died also seeing his condition they decides not to tell him his wife is died in that accident. Krishna asks Sumitra why she continued the drama even after Pratigya come to the house. He then goes to Meera and asks how dare she behave rudely with Pratigya, she is this house queen and she had the audacity to misbehave with Pratigya.

Krishna then says that he dont understand how come people can hate the other person this much. Sumitra shouts yes she hates Pratigya and will always hate her. Krishna tells if that’s what how its then they all has to listen to his words even he hates them and dont want them in his life when he dies that time also he dont want them to do his last rites, from today his family is only Pratigya and his kids and no one else. Then he decides to leave the house. Sajjan tries to stop Krishna but he falls. Everyone gets shocked.

Sajjan holds his chest. Krishna tells that Sajjan should be ashamed to act like this to stop him from leaving the house, he also tells that Sumitra is always one step ahead when it comes to acting. Pratigya goes and sees Sajjan’s condition and then tells Krishna that indeed Sajjan is in need of medical help and they have to take him to the hospital. Krishna gets shocked.

In the hospital Doctor checks Sajjan, seeing Sajjan in the hospital Sumitra cries a lot. Komal and Meera consoles Sumitra. Doctor comes out and tells them that Sajjan has a chest pain but they took him to the hospital on time or else anything might happened now he is alright but asked not to stress him much. In the house Adarsh pleads Pratigya to stop Krishna from leaving the house. Komal tells Krishna that she understands that he is so angry but this is not the right time to leave his family like this. Pratigya tells Adarsh that Krishna is not listening to anyone’s words.

Krishna comes and tells Pratigya looks like that they have to stay here for few more days until Sajjan recovers. Everyone gets Happy. Meera enters the house. Kesar asks Meera to leave the house saying her drama is over. Meera tells that she needs to talk to Krishna. Adarsh asks Meera to not to disturb Krishna anymore and leave the house. Meera asks how could she leave when she is pregnant with Krishna’s child. Everyone gets shocked. Komal makes fun but Adarsh warns her so she doesnt tell anything after that. Krishna gets furious and tells Meera to be ashamed of framing him in this.

Kesar also calls Meera a shameless women. Meera goes to Krishna and tells him before Pratigya comes they lived like a husband and wife so dont he think that he is the father of her child. Krishna warns Meera to not to come near him. Meera tells why she is going to put herself in this situation with a lie even her self respect is at stake. Kesar tells Meera that she always loved to throw people out of the house right today she will do the same with her then she takes Meera’s Meera’s hand and throws her out then closes the door. Pratigya tries to stop but Krishna stops Pratigya.

Komal comes to hospital and asks Sumitra how is Sajjan doing. Sumitra tells Komal that doctor told her Sajjan is doing better and they can take him to house next day. Komal then asks Suumitra how she is feeling to which Sumitra nods her head and says fine. Komal then tells Sumitra that Meera comes to the house claiming Krishna is her childs father. Sumitra smiles and says is that true. Komal tells that she dont think its true because not even once in the past one and half year she got pregnant. Sumitra tells may be whatever Meera saying is true. Komal then says to Sumitra the way Kesar Kesar thrown Meera out of the house.

Sumitra tells that she always had a doubt on Kesar for helping Pratigya now its proven so she will show Kesar her right place when the time comes. Pratigya thinks about Meera’s confession and cries. Kriti and Garv asks her to concentrate on the game. Krishna comes there and tries to lighten up Pratigya’s mood but fails so he promises the kids that they can play tomorrow and asks them to leave. The kids agrees and leaves. Krishna apologises to Pratigya for whatever his family did to her and asks her to not to hurt herself from thinking the past.

Pratigya tells Krishna that he dont have to apologise because she knows he lost his memory and whatever his family told him he believed but when he regained his memory he accepted her back. Krishna asks then what is bothering her to which Pratigya tells that Meera’s declaration about the baby being Krishna what if its Krishna then how could they let it go. Krishna gets angry and confused and asks what is she saying. Sumitra tells Komal whatever Meera told is true then the baby can help them achieve everything. Komal tells its true or not she dont care.

Sumitra then warns Komal to be cautious around Adarsh because he may also helping Pratigya indirectly. Komal gets angry and asks Sumitra to not to bring Adarsh saying otherwise she will fight with her. Sumitra smiles. Kesar goes to Krishna and Pratigya’s room and tells that she knows Meera very well and whatever she told is just to get back to Krishna so asks Pratigya to concentrate on her life and think Meera is their nightmare which left them now. Then she removes all the photo frames which has Meera in it and takes it with her. Krishna asks Pratigya to listen to Kesar’s words and not to think much.

Precap: Police comes to the Singh’s house and tells that they have a complaint against Krishna. Pratigya asks what is the complaint to which the police tell Pratigya that Krishna made Meera pregnant and thrown her out of the house. Pratigya gets shocked. Meera smirks and comes there and looks at everyone.

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