Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Pratigya takes Garv and Kirti for an outing

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumitra tells Krishna its Pratigya who locked her inside the room and did all this. Pratigya gets shocked and asks Sumitra how could she accuse her like that when she is the one who saved her from fire and asks Krishna he also saw that right. Krishna looks at both Sumitra and Pratigya confusedly. Sumitra says to Krishna that Pratigya is acting, she saw your car that’s why she acted like she is trying to save me from fire.

. Pratigya says to Sumitra after washing her clothes that she smelt the fire and when she looks at Sumitra’s room she finds it’s where the fire is so she opened the door which is locked inside and asks Sumitra if she is the one who tried to kill her then how its possible for the door to get locked inside. Sumitra tells Krishna that Pratigya is lying and dont know about her intentions. Pratigya brings Sumitra’s mobile and questions her whatever she is saying is true then she called Krishna fifteen minutes back so it’s easy for her to let her die in the fire right. Krishna asks Sumitra to calm down saying it’s just a misunderstanding he will check how her room caught fire and leaves the place.

Pratigya asks Sumitra thar it’s her plan to make a bad impression about her on Krishna’s mind to throw her out right but she didnt get succeed and she will never get succeed also she will make it sure Krishna regain his memory. Sumitra asks Pratigya to not to fly high just because this time Krishna takes stand for her and tells that she wont let her succeed in her plans. Pratigya leaves the place. Sumitra shouts that she wont let Pratigya succeed in her plans ever.

Pratigya sits in a steps. Krishna goes and sits opposite her then apologises to Pratigya for Sumitra’s false allegations saying dont know why everyone is acting towards her like that. Pratigya asks Krishna he loves his mother so much right and asks him to tell her one thing which he never told anyone except Sumitra. Krishna tells Pratigya it’s weird to think because after he lost his memory he dont know truly how much time he spent with each one of them in his family and what all he did. Pratigya asks Krishna after Sumitra who he loves the most. Krishna looks at Pratigya. Pratigya then says to Krishna why he is thinking this much it must be Meera right. Krishna looks at Pratigya. Pratigya tries to hide her tears so looks away.

Pratigya goes to take the clothes which is getting wet by the sudden rain but Krishna stops her saying that she should enjoy the way how the rain is pouring peacefully. Pratigya then goes to take the clothes, Krishna also goes behind Pratigya then they both gets closer and then hearing thunderstorm they both separate themselves. Sajjan asks Sumitra is she lost her mind, she not only tried to kill herself but also everyone who that time stayed inside the house.

Sajjan asks Sumitra is she get succeed making Krishna against Pratigya no right then why she put her life at risk then tells if she died making Krishna against Pratigya then he might have put her statue infront of the house. Sumitra asks Sajjan why he is talking to her like that and tells that she is worried that Pratigya may get succeed in her plan but he is right. Sajjan tells Sumitra that they have to think Multiple times before they do something against Pratigya because she is not some weak person and asks Sumitra to leave everything in his hand.

Sumitra asks Kesar to give food to Meera who is in her room. Garv and Kirti comes there running here and there. Sajjan asks them to play carefully. Pratigya goes and takes the ball from Garv and tells that she will teach them a game in which there will be a points but Garv and Kirti leaves the place saying that they dont want to play with her. Sumitra makes fun of Pratigya but Pratigya tells that Sumitra must be the only mother in this entire world who thinks her own children as her competitors and tells they now Garv and Kirti are misunderstanding her but once she starts spending time with them they will understand everything.

Sumitra asks Pratigya is she want time to spend worh her kids then she will let help her and calls Garv and Kirti and orders them to go with Pratigya. Pratigya holds their hands tells today they will have so much fun time like old days. Sumitra tells that Pratigya Pratigya is flying so high now she will show her what she is capable of doing. Pratigya in the car hugs Garv and Kirti and says that they will go to boating and have lots of ice cream then the taxi gets stopped when there are goons in the middle of the way.

Pratigya closes the door but they break the glasses and takes Garv and Kirti with them. Pratigya instructs Garv and Kirti to run away, they both tries but the goons catches both of them. Pratigya tries to remove herself from the mens hand to save Garv and Kirti but one men hit her from behind so she falls unconsciously. Kirti cries looking at Pratigya.

Precap: Kesar tells Krishna neither Pratigya is here nor the kids. Pratigya reaches the house with so much difficulty and tells Krishna that someone kidnapped both Garv and Kirti. Sumitra instigates Krishna against Pratigya. Krishna lashes out at Pratigya asking why she is took the kids for an outing when she here is going to stay for few days only. Pratigya cries.

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