Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Krishna is impressed with Meera

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumitra says to everyone that she want a girl who laugh and her sound echo through the house. Shakti says wow and says its good to imagine like that but nowadays there is no such girls are in this World. The girl asks Pratigya why she is standing in between because of that her mangoes fall down. When she pick from the ground the guard arrives there and ask her to give the stolen mangoes back. The girl says that she didn’t steal anything INFACT she herself plucked it from the tree then tells that she is not going to start business from this, she need the mangoes. The guard says that this place belongs to them and she stole the mangoes from them. The girl again warns him not to say that she Stole mangoes and then says that when everyone dies they will not take the house or anything with them. Pratigya watches everything and says the girl that guard is right so ask her to return the mangoes.

The girls asks Pratigya that who she is and why she is interfering in this. Pratigya says that she is not here for any argument and says if she want the mango she should have asked the guards. Pratigya says that she can’t see and keep quiet when someone does wrong things. The girl asks Pratigya thar if she can’t stand then she should close her eyes or look somewhere else. Then one of the mangoes fall down the girl agrees to give it back. She sits on the ground and pick up the mangoes and says take it one bu one from her but not now tomorrow or some other day and ran away. The guard ran to catch but they get tired. Pratigya asks the guard what’s her name. The guard says that her name is Meera and she dies this often today they aren’t going to leave her and then leave that place.

Adarsh stands near by the water Komal comes behind him and asks What is he doing. Adarsh says that he is listening fo the bird’s voice. He further says that they can’t understand what they are saying if they aren’t really interested. Komal says Adarsh instead of listening to birds voice why not he try understanding what other people trying to say to him. Adarsh Turns around only to meet well groomed Komal. Adarsh goes is she going anywhere. Komal asks why he didn’t like her attire. Shakti comes there and says no one likes what is she wearing and asks her to remove the makeup because she is a widow and she has no rights to do the stuff. Komal argues with Shakti.

Adarsh asks Shakti not to talk to his sister that way. Shakti says that Komal is his family and they belongs to Respectful family so Komal can’t go outside wearing make up and all. Komal asks Shakti to stop and says let’s go inside. Shakti says Komal that he will come later and asks her to go first. Komal leaves the place. Shakti warns Adarsh sayimg that he know his intentions behind his Words Whatever he spoken to Komal and asks him to stop it. Then threatens Adarsh saying if he dont then he will kill Adarsh’s family members and throw them in the river.

Everyone eats in the dining room. Sumitra once again mix something and looks at Pratigya. Samar says to Shakti that he is going to marry two people. Krishna says to Adarsh look at this guy he is not even in his proper age but talking about marriage that too with two girls. Then Krishna asks Adarsh that he is getting old and why he isn’t married yet. Adarsh says that he is Waiting for someone like Pratigya. Krishna says that no one is like Pratigya and she is the only one who he get married. Pratigya shake her at Krishna then smiles at him. Sumitra brings food to everyone saying everyone’s favorite food is here.

Krishna asks her to enjoy the place but Sumitra says if she dont do any work she feels she is missing something and asks Everyone to eat. Adarsh says the food is good. Samar says yes but they can only get to come here when someone is ill. Sumitra asks Samar to not to talk like his father. Shakti asks Sumitra why she is involving his name. Komal says because he also does the same thing. Then Shakti and Komal argues. Krishna asks them to stop and eat quietly. While drinking the soup Pratigya feels dizzy. Sumitra and Komal notices her. Krishna notices Pratigya then asks her what happened. Pratigya says that nothing she is alright. Komal looks at Sumitra then smiles.

In the night Krishna and Pratigya walks around the house. Krishna hugs her and talks to her romantically saying he is meaning it. But Pratigya once again dont feel good and says that she is going to the bathroom. Krishna says Pratigya why she is going to the bathroom always but Pratigya leaves the place. Krishna says okay he’ll explore the farm house by himself. Pratigya in her room wonders what happened to her and why is she feeling weak. Krishna saw kids sitting on the garden infront of an idol. The voice says to the kids they will get whatever that want they just need to let her know.

The kids asks how gods know what they want. The voice says because god is god and no one will be hungry. Krishna looks surprised and questions to himself is the god is really talking and starts searching Only to find Meera behind the trees. The kids says happily tomorrow also they will get food and leaves. Krishna smiles and says she may not be real god but she is gid of these kids and wonders who she is. Pratigya once again throws up and looks at her hand when she touched her mouth and get shocked seeing blood in there. When Meera tries to leave the place without anyone noticing she stumbles upon something and falls On Krishna. They both fell on the ground.

Precap: Krishna gives rose to Pratigya and wishes her Anniversary. Meera says Krishna is love of God and does the puja for Lord Krishna. Krishna gives gifts to Pratigya saying she will definitely going to like his gift. Pratigya opens the gift then fall to the ground. Krishna looks shocked. Sumitra smiles.

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