Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Pratigya to threaten Meera to send her to prison!

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna comes to his room and calls Pratigya then wonders where she must have gone at this time then comes out of his room and calls her name. Krishna then sees Pratigya and goes towards her and asks her what is she doing here, he is searching for her also asks her to come inside because it’s too late. Pratigya tells that she dont want to go inside the room and asks Krishna to go and sleep. Krishna tells Pratigya that he understands he must be feeling odd to come inside the room but he will change the whole room and not let her think about the past. Pratigya tells Krishna it’s not needed and asks him to take rest.

Krishna tells then he will also stay with her here then goes and sits beside Pratigya and shares his imagination comparing moon and Pratigya which makes Pratigya smile. Then they both hugs each other and sleeps outside. Next day Krishna brings Sajjan to the house and asks Adarsh to take Sajjan to his room. Then he tells Sumitra to give proper medicines to Sajjan on time. Sumitra tells Krishna that she is happy the way he is taking care of his father also they both are Proud of him.

Krishna asks Sumitra to not to to think too much because as a parent they both failed in their responsibilities but he cant do the same to them also once Sajjan recovers he will leave the house and decides to go to his room. Police officer knocks the door and tells they have a complaint against Krishna. Everyone gets shocked. Pratigya asks the officer what is the complaint and who complaint against it. The officer looks back. Meera comes and stands beside the officer.

The officer says to Singh’s that Meera made a complaint against Krishna for making her pregnant also throwing her out after knowing the truth. Krishna tells whatever Meera told is a lie. The officer tells that they have done the pregnancy test and she is indeed pregnant and about the child’s father it will be also proved soon. Then the officer tells Pratigya that she is an advocate and she knows what will happen if this case goes in the court so instead of getting shame they can solve it to themselves and leaves the place.

Meera asks Pratigya that now she is this house everything so asks her to tell what she has to do now, she can stay here or she has to fight for her rights with the help of laws. Sumitra thinks that Meera belongs to this family the way she is spewing her poisons proves that. She also thinks that now she is going to see what Pratigya will do. Meera tells Pratigya standing there making her weak so asks her to take the decision fast. Sumitra goes and puts her arm around Meera and tells that she is carrying Krishna’s child and Sajjan’s grandson or grand daughter so Ofcourse she can stay here.

Meera tells Sumitra that she knows she will let her stay here no matter what but she wants Pratigya and Krishna to agree. Pratigya tells Meera whatever the situation it may be she do understand what a woman must go through during her pregnancy so she can stay in the house. Krishna gets shocked and asks Pratigya is she crazy how could she let Meera stay here, she will create more problems and plans to separate them.

Kesar agrees with Krishna and asks Pratigya to not to let Meera inside the house. Sumitra gets angry at Kesar and asks her to stay away from this all. Krishna tells Meera that he understands what she wants from him and says that he will arrange a house for her with everything in it even he hires workers for her but he wont let her stay inside the house.

Meera tells Krishna that he knows very well before marriage also she has taken care of so many kids so she is capable of handling everything the only reason she wanted to stay in this house is because she wanted to give her child a family also like everyone in this family her child deserves all the rights. Sumitra tells Krishna that she wont let her grandchild born in some other house. Pratigya goes to Meera and tells her that she is allowing her inside because she is pregnant with Krishna’s child so asks her to know her limits and try not to do something to separate her and Krishna.

Meera tells Pratigya that she wont do such things also about a husband and wife relationship that will never break whatever other tries. Then Meera tells that her unborn child will always make Krishna to be with her so she dont have to do something to separated Krishna from Pratigya. Krishna gets angry and raises his hand at Meera but Pratigya stops him and tells let her say whatever she wants and leaves the place with Krishna. Meera wipes her tears and smiles at Sumitra who smiles back at her. Garv and Kriti watches everything.

Meera goes to the guest room and tells that she loved Krishna so much not to let him leave her side like this, now she entered the house so she will find a way to get back to Krishna. Kesar comes there and tells that she got her place as a outsider finally and she will remain like that till the end and leaves the room. Krishna in his room looks angry, Pratigya goes and tells Krishna that they have to stay calm and strong together so that they can tackle the problems which will be created by Meera.

Pratigya tells Krishna that she is sad that Meera is carrying his child but they cant do anything now other than to be stay strong and face the problems. Krishna feels guilty and tells her that because of him Only she has to suffer like this so apologise to Pratigya but Pratigya tells that his own family betrayed him and told him that Meera is his wife so he gave her the wife’s rights to her then asks Krishna to calm down saying they have to be stay strong now. Then she goes to the washroom and recalls whatever happened and cries silently.

Precap: Meera asks Garv and Kriti don’t their parents told them anything. Garv asks Meera to tell her. Meera tells Garv and Kriti that they are going to have a brother or sister soon. Krishna and Pratigya comes there. Pratigya asks Meera she is making the kids understand the situation well then why not she also tell the kids that how she acted like Krishna’s wife and separated Garv and Kriti’s father from them for her own selfish reasons. Pratigya then threatens Meera to send her jail for fooling Krishna and taking advantage of his memory loss situation and lived with him without marrying him. Meera looks at Pratigya angrily.