Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 27th July 2021 Written Update : Krishna’s plan to miscarry Meera’s child fails

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Garv and Kriti plays. Kesar and Pratigya comes there. Sajjan also comes there but his stick falls to the ground he tries to take but fails so he asks the kids to help him but they leaves the place. Kesar also leaves so Pratigya helps Sajjan to get a stick. Sajjan tells Pratigya that her kids changed a lot to which Pratigya tells that they are surrounded by people who shows them nothing but how to hate the other person that’s the reason why they are acting this way and they cant blame the kids for this.

Sajjan gets shocked. The doctor tells Sumitra and Meera its normal to have this pain during pregnancy and gives her tablets. Pratigya tells Kesar that today she will cook. Komal comes there and mocks Pratigya for entering the kitchen to cook. Then both Kesar and Komal gets into an argument. Pratigya stops Kesar and tells her not to argue. Sumitra and Meera comes to the house. Sumitra calls Kesar and asks her to bring a glass of water. Kesar brings but refuses to give it to Meera’s hand so Sumitra takes it from her.

Meera’s tablet falls to the ground. Pratigya notices and decides to help her then she gets shocked seeing the tablet is to miscarry a child so she tells Meera that this is tablet is not good for her child but Meera tells that she may uneducated but she will follow the doctors instructions. She also calls Pratigya is a shameless women for stopping her from having pills. Sumitra and Sajjan gets angry and asks Pratigya why she is interfering in this. Pratigya tries to make everyone understand but they refuse to listen saying she is a lawyer not a doctor.

Krishna also asks Pratigya to let them do what they wants. Pratigya tries to show them what’s the tablets are for but Krishna stops her and says that Internet is not bigger than a doctor. Meera takes the pills and brings it near her mouth so Pratigya throws her glass of water and pulls away. Everyone gets shocked. Sajjan scolds Pratigya and calls her shameless woman. Krishna takes Pratigya inside the room.

Pratigya asks Krishna to believe and understand her that the pill which doctor gave Meera is to kill the unborn child. Krishna asks Pratigya why she is worried about Meera this much also he dont care about anything even if the child dies in her womb. Pratigya gets shocked and asks Krishna to understand. Krishna loses his cool and says to Pratigya that she ruined his plan. Pratigya asks Krishna what is he saying and how he knows that Meera’s pill is for miscarriage. The FB shows in which after Sumitra and Meera leaves the hospital Krishna meets the doctor and gives her the money. Pratigya gets shocked.

Meera cries and tells everyone that now she understands why Pratigya let her stay inside the house to show her power over her. She also tells that she has never seen someone cruel as Pratigya. Sumitra tells Meera what she can expect from Pratigya also asks Meera to not to cry saying that’s not good for her child. Meera tells that she wont let anything bad happens to her child and will give birth to her and Krishna’s child. Sajjan asks Meera to not to stress much then Sumitra asks Komal to order the tablets. Pratigya tells Krishna that she cant believe that he could do this and asks him why he took such a drastic step.

Krishna tells Pratigya that he dont want a child which will be reminder of the betrayal his family done to him by using his memory loss state. He also tells outside he is the one who facing humiliation and he dont want anything else but to live with his wife and kids peacefully. Pratigya tells Krishna it’s a crime to kill an unborn child without the mother’s knowledge. Krishna asks Pratigya then what about the things that Meera and his family members did to him.

Pratigya tells Krishna that she do understand him but this is not the way to solve the problem and tells together thsy will face this then asks Krishna to give his mobile. She then calls the doctor and threatens the doctor to file a case and cancel her license for giving wrong pills and then asks the doctor to call and inform the Singh’s and suggest them the actual pill.

Sumitra receives a call from doctor who tells her that by mistake she gave wrong medicine to Meera so asks them not to give Meera the pills she will give Meera the right pills this time. Sumitra gets shocked and tells what if Meera had the tablet then what would have happened. Meera asks Sumitra what the doctor told to which Sumita tells the pill is for miscarry a child. Everyone gets shocked.

Komal tells that means Pratigya is trying to save the child but they misunderstood her. In the night Pratigya asks Krishna to have food but he refuses so she tells him that she loves the Krishna who will never think about harming anyone, he is the same but the situation is tough and then tells Krishna to not to change himself because of the situation. Krishna and Pratigya have dinner then Krishna takes Pratigya to his room in his arms. Meera sees them and tells that she is going to snatch Pratigya’s happiness now.

Krishna put Pratigya in the bed then they both gets closer but stops when the door is knocked by someone. When they opens the door Meera stands there and tells that she cant able to bear the pain at all so pleads Krishna to stay with her tonight only. Krishna gets angry and irritated. Pratigya gets shocked.

Precap: Sumitra tells everyone that there puja is held for Meera and her child’s well being. Pratigya asks Meera why she is wearing the mangalsutra and vermilion is she going to take part in that puja with the fakeness. Then asks her to remove all this and sits in the puja with a Pure heart. Adarsh tells if Meera truly loves the child then she will remove the mangalsutra and vermilion. Meera clutches the mangalsutra and angrily looks at Pratigya.

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