Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 2nd August 2021 Written Update : Meera feels guilty for trying to kill Pratigya

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna and Kesar enters the house. Sumitra taunts that Pratigya always goes against the family members wishes when they want Meera to stay with them Pratigya dont want Meera to be here and now when they dont want Meera on this house Pratigya bring Meera to this. What is the need to bring Meera here when she lost the child.

Krishna gets angry and asks Sumitra to show some sympathy understand others pain let everyone breath peacefully. He tells that she is the one who wanted Meera here but now she lost her child they wanted to throw her out what kind of people they are then leaves the place. Pratigya asks Meera that how many times she needs to tell her to be strong. Meera cries and says to Pratigya that she was Special to Sumitra till she carried Krishna’s child in her womb now she is no one to her. She then tells to Pratigya that did so many wrong things to her yet she is here to help her why she is doing all this.

Pratigya asks Meera to not to think much and have table. Meera tells Pratigya if she truly wants to help her then give her a poison. Pratigya tells Meera once she have this medicine she will give her whatever she asks. Meera then have the medicine. Pratigya think tuck Meera in the bed them asks her to sleep also asks her not to think much.

Pratigya asks Krishna why he is worried this much. Krishna tells that he is not worried he is upset seeing his own family members they used Meera now the same people wanted to throw her out because she is no more going to help them. Pratigya tells Krishna to not to think about the family members they are here to take care of Meera. Krishna tells Pratigya that after few days Meera has to leave the house. Pratigya tells they cant do this to Meera, they have to help Meera to recover fully once she recovers fully only they have to let her go.

Krishna gets irritated and asks Pratigya why she is doing all this to the person who did so many injustices with her. Kesar comes there and agrees with Krishna’s words and asks Pratigya to listen to their words. Pratigya stops Kesar from telling Krishna about Meera’s plan to kill her. Then she says to Krishna that they have to do this on humanity basis.

Sumitra goes to Meera’s room and tells that she is a good actress when she learnt she cant able to come to Singh’s mansion she acted like committing suicide but she wont let her not even look at Krishna anymore then leaves the room. Meera cries and gets up from her bed then runs outside. Kesar sees Meera is leaving the house she tries to stop her but she fails so she goes to Pratigya and Krishna and informs them. Both of them gets shocked.

Meera walks on the road thinking about Sumitra’s words without noticing that a car is approaching her. Pratigya saves Meera then slaps her and asks her to not to do this to herself for a men or anyone’s love. She also tells Meera that the Meera they know is a fun loving happy girl who cared about the poor kids hunger and helped them Eventhough she dont have anyone by her side. She wants that Meera to be back and she will help her find the reason to live this life and hugs Meera. Meera hugs Pratigya and cries. Krishna looks at them from far.

Shakti asks Kesar where is his Watch to which Kesar says its where he keeps always. Sajjan and Sumitra signs at Shakti who drags Kesar and asks her why she is saying Pratigya Pratigya always now she is going to teach her a lesson but Sumitra stops Shakti when she sees Krishna Pratigya and Meera is coming inside the house. Sajjan asks Pratigya why she is bringing Meera to the house when she herself left. Pratigya asks Sajjan how could they let Meera leave like this Especially in this condition and tells that Meera will stay here until she fully recovers.

Shakti taunts Pratigya then Sumitra asks Pratigya that they let her stay in the house so she thought she can take this house decision. Sajjan says to Pratigya that this not her father’s house she has no rights to take any decision if she wants Meera to be here then she can leave the house with Meera. Krishna tells Sajjan that Pratigya has the rights to do whatever she wants because she is his wife and he is their son. Shakti tells Krishna if that’s the thing even he can do anything and bring anyone right but he isn’t doing this because he respects Sajjan’s orders so Krishna has to do the same.

Krishna goes and stands opposite to Shakti then asks Pratigya to take Meera inside even he wants to see who is going to stop them. Everyone gets scared. In the night Pratigya tells Meera that she has to live this life for herself not for others also she will be there for her to help her. Meera asks Pratigya why she is being nice to her when she did everything to hurt her only.

Krishna hugs Pratigya and tells Meera that she is Pratigya who is not like others seeing her big heart ene her worst enemies changes into a good person and that’s the reason why he loves her this much yet feeling like his love for her is not enough. Meera smiles at Pratigya and Krishna’s love for each other.

Precap: Sajjan talks to one of his business partner. Meera takes water to the room. Shakti notices the way Sajjan’s business partner is looking at Meera. Meera sees the man approaching her so she scratches his face and warns him not even get closer to her. The man warns Meera. Meera gets scared.

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