Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Pratigya tricks Manager to spend time with Krishna

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumitra says that Komal is going to get upset if the wedding preparation is not done properly also on time. Sajjan asks Priest to start the preparations for rituals. Adarsh comes and greets everyone. Garv and Keerti looks at Adarsh. Garv recalls Pratigya’s words then looks downstairs. Adarsh asks Garv and Keerti how are they doing.

Garv pushes Adarsh’s hand away from him and says that he dont want to talk to him. Everyone gets shocked. Kesar comes and asks Garv to not to talk to Adarsh like that then says to both Garv and Keerti that Adarsh is going to be their uncle soon so ask them to behave. Garv and Keerti leaves the room. Kesar says to Adarsh that they are kids so asks him not to take it seriously and says that they are intelligent so they dont repeat this again. Sumitra scolds Kesar for not teaching the kids properly then takes Adarsh with her.

Meera comes to the house. Kesar takes the lunch pack from Meera and asks the reason behind the weight of the lunch box then asks her to get ready. Krishna’s manager says to Krishna the plot which he is planning to buy is about to sell then he asks Krishna to buy that plot they have to give Advance today itself. Krishna asks the Manager to do it right away and says that he will return in few hours and leaves the room. After hearing Krishna and the Managers conversation Pratigya decides to do something to go with Krishna.

Meera says that she has to teach Krishna’s secretary a lesson. Meera calls Pratigya and asks who is she. Pratigya says to Meera that she is Krishna’s secretary and asks Meera who is she and what she wants. Meera asks Pratigya to tell her name. Pratigya says that she is Krishna’s secretary and who is she. Before Meera tells something Krishna comes there so Meera disconnects the call. Pratigya wonders who it is showing so much interest to know her name.

Krishna asks Meera who she is talking and says Sumitra need her help. Meera says to Krishna that she is helping Only but her friend called her so she came here to talk to her. Krishna asks Meera to come outside after she talked with her friend. Krishna then hugs Adarsh and gives him a car key saying it’s his gift.

Adarsh refuses to take from Krishna and says that his blessings are more than enough for him. Krishna says to Adarsh that his blessings are with him and gift is other part and he doesn’t say not to the gift. Krishna then leaves the place saying that he has work. Garv says to Keerti that they have to tell their father everything. Krishna hears it and asks them to tell whatever they want to to their father.

Everyone gets shocked. Krishna says to Garv if he dont want to tell Shakti then he can say to his uncle I.e him. Garv and Keerti gets scared. Shakti asks Krishna to go to site saying that Garv is asking for a car which kids play. Krishna asks Shakti to buy Garv that then leaves the house. Shakti warns Garv and says that he is their father and if they want something to say then they have to tell him first. Adarsh gets angry at the mistreatment given to Garv and Keerti but Shakti but didnt say anything.

Pratigya sees the manager is talking to Krishna. Pratigya asks god to forgive her for what she is going to do. Pratigya says to the manager that his wife called her and informed there is some emergency in his house. The manager asks Pratigya why his wife is going to call her when he has his mobile. Pratugya says to the Manager may be due to network issues she called her. The manager gives the files to Pratigya and says that Krishna will pick her outside and leaves the place.

Krishna comes there. Pratigya gets into the car. Krishna gets shocked and asks where is the Manager. Pratigya says to Krishna that there is some emergency so he went to his house. Krishna says to Pratigya that he will take care of everything and asks her to go to the hotel. Pratigya convinces Krishna then they both travel to the site. Pratigya wonders how she is going to make Krishna recall about his past life. Pratigya then hears their favorite song so increases its volume. Krishna feels something odd then remembers the car accident and stops the car. Pratigya asks Krishna what happened.

Krishna told Pratigya that he met with an accident and says she cant help him so it’s better if he dont talk about her. Pratigya asks Krishna to tell her if he wants to. Krishna then says to her that he Only remembers that his car hit by a truck after that not even a single thing he remembers. Pratigya asks Krishna is he travelled with anyone else. Krishna thinks hard then says he doesn’t remember. Pratigya asks him to relax then insists to drive the car.

Adarsh takes Komal to.some old house. But Komal says to Adarsh that she cant live with him here and says that will talk to her family members until he buys a new house they will stay with them then leaves. Adarsh says that this is what he also wants and smiles. Krishna buys the plot. Krishna’s car gets punctured while he and Pratigya returning to the house in the night time also the weather condition is not good. Krishna asks one person where is the mechanic shop. The local person warns them about the work that is taking place and the risks to find the shop in this rain and asks them to find somewhere else to stay until the rain stops. Meera looks at the news and calls Krishna to ask about his whereabouts.

But both Krishna and Meera doesnt bera each other. Krishna asks Pratigya to find a place where they can stay until the rain stops. Krishna finds the place. Pratigya dances in the rain and asks Krishna to dance also but Krishna asks her to get inside the shelter as soon as possible.

Pratigya slips on Krishna’s arm and they both look at each other. Krishna takes Pratigya to the shelter. Pratigya plays with the rain. Krishna looks at Pratigya and smiles. Pratigya throws the rain water at Krishna then apologises to him. Both Krishna and Pratigya looks at each other and smiles. Meera worries and says that Krishna must be with his secretary.

Precap: Meera wonders where is Krishna and who he is with. Krishna and Pratigya gets closer inside the shelter where they decides to stay until the rain stops.

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