Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Krishna and Pratigya gets shocked seeing Meera’s condition

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shakti says to Kesar that she made him wait for her for a long time now he will teach her a lesson. He takes a stick in his hand then says to Kesar that when wife dont follow her husband’s words then husband has to teach the wife how to act also how to obliges husbands decisions or else she will start doing whatever she wants which will lead the family to face shame. Kesar stops Shakti from hitting her with a stick then threatens him if he lays a hand on her then she will file a case against because even wife has the rights to change her husband into a good person. Shakti gets angry and asks Kesar is she threatening him with laws.

Nowadays being with Pratigya made her talk like this but he is not someone who will get scared easily also he wont act like a lost puppy how Krishna acts around Pratigya. Then he tells Kesar that he will punish her for sure and brings a bucket of water and says to Kesar that she is in anger so cool her down this water will help her then throws the bucket of water at her. Kesar gets shocked. Shakti then ties Kesar in a chair and decreases the temperature of the air conditioner and tells her his punishment of this will not harm her outer body but it’s will make her weak inside then leaves the place.

Krishna hugs Pratigya from behind while she is making food then asks her is she need any help. Pratigya asks Krishna to leave her saying someone might see them. Krishna says to Pratigya let them see he dont care. Pratigya threatens to put the atta in his face but Krishna doesn’t budge. Then the kids comes to the kitchen and questions Krishna what is he doing inside the kitchen.

Pratigya tells that he is planning to learn about cooking. Kriti tells that’s good because they can get more time to study with the help of Pratigya by their side. Krishna tells the kids even he will teach them. Pratigya and the kids laughs at him then Krishna takes the kids out of the kitchen to help them with their studies. Kesar comes there and tells Pratigya that she is not feeling well so Pratigya asks her to take rest then wonders what happened to Kesar all of sudden.

Sajjan tells his client Mishra that they are doing this for a while so they are not new in this business so asks him to agree with whatever he is saying but Mishra tells its not at all possible to agree. Shakti tells Mishra that he dont have any other option but has to agree with Sajjan’s demand. Meera goes to take a water from kitchen. Mishra looks at Meera. Sajjan and Shakti looks at Mishra then smiles at each other. Later Shakti acts and tells that he has to buy medicine and asks Kesar to join him but Kesar tells that she is not feeling good. Sajjan sees Meera is coming there so he asks Meera to go with Shakti to bring medicines for them.

Meera hesitates but gives in when Sajjan tells her that this is the Least she could do. Shakti stops his car then tells Meera that before they could but medicine he wants to meet someone else. He then asks Meera to come with him inside but Meera tells that she will stay here. Shakti says to Meera that this place is not safe so Meera goes with Shakti. Shakti asks Meera to wait for him inside the room. He then looks at Mishra and smiles.

FB shows that Shakti asks Mishra if it’s not money then what he needs to give the deal on their name. He then asks Mishra that Meera is beautiful right. Mishra agrees that Meera is beautiful now he is feeling bad for the way he acts towards them. Shakti and Sajjan smiles at each other. Mishra follows Meera then closes the door. Meera gets shocked and asks Mishra who is he and what is he doing here. Mishra approaches Meera with a smile on his face.

Pratigya searches for Meera then gets worried that when she couldn’t find her. Kesar tells Pratigya that Shakti is the one who take Meera to bring medicines. Then they both gets shocked seeing Shakti is entering the house alone. Pratigya asks Shakti where is Meera but he ignores her. Krishna comes there and tells Pratigya it’s a waste of time to ask Shakti that he will go and search for Meera.

Then both Krishna and Pratigya gets shocked seeing Meer who enters the house in a miserable state. Pratigya asks Meera what happened but she goes inside her room and locks the door all the while crying. Pratigya asks Meera to open the door. Sumitra taunts Meera saying she is Unnecessarily creating dramas. Krishna asks Meera to open the door and tell what happened to her. Shakti tells that Meera must be once again decide to commit suicide then recalled about Pratigya’s lectures so she returned to the house. Pratigya and Krishna angrily looks at Shakti.

Precap: Pratigya gets inside Meera’s room. Meera cries sitting in the corner and tells to Pratigya that this is what happens when a women dont have a man by her side. Pratigya asks what happened to her then she gets shocked hearing Meera’s words. She takes Meera with her then slaps Shakti. Everyone gets shocked.

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