Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 4th June 2021 Written Update: Pratigya learns about Krishna’s illegal business

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 4th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna asks Pratigya what it is, why she didn’t say anything when the man calls her as his wife. Krishna says to Pratigya that his wife dont go out much that’s why most of the people doesn’t know about her. Pratigya asks Krishna why he didn’t stop the man. Krishna seems speechless. Krishna says to Pratigya that because of her only they are late to reach the house.

Pratigya says to Krishna that she didn’t stop him from driving the car by sitting on his lap right. Krishna asks Pratigya to stop her nonsense and says that today is his sister’s wedding. Pratigya says to herself Komal is getting married but to whom. Krishna gets shocked seeing Pratigya know about Komal’s name and asks her how she knows then asks Pratigya to stop spying about his life.

Singh’s comes to where Shakti and Adarsh is there and gets shocked seeing Shakti is holding Adarsh’s shirt. Sumitra asks what happened. Shakti says to everyone that he heard Adarsh praying god to take revenge from Komal and says that he already warned everyone about Adarsh but no one listened to his words. Adarsh acts and says that he prayed god for giving someone like Komal in his life but he dont know why Shakti is putting blame on him and says that he knows well that Shakti doesn’t like him but accusing him for something which he never thought to do with Komal is too much. Shakti asks Adarsh to stop his drama and threatens to kill him.

Krishna comes there and asks what is happening here. Adarsh says to Krishna that he knows Shakti doesn’t like him but he never thought Shakti will stoop low and accuse him for trying to take revenge from Komal who he loves the most. Pratigya thinks about Krishna and her then smiles. Pratigya then sees that two men taking a girl with them inside the hotel so decides to inform Krishna and help the girl. Adarsh says to Krishna that he even tried to kill a person for Komal to gain Sajjan and Shaktis trust yet Shakti is putting false allegations on him. Shakti asks Adarsh to not to act infront of him. Adarsh says to Krishna if they dont trust him then he wont marry Komal. Sumitra says to Krishna that she will talk to Shakti and drags Shakti away from everyone.

Sumitra says to Shakti even she doubts Adarsh’s intentions but now they have to let him marry Komal otherwise Komal will reveal the truth to Krishna. Krishna asks anyone have proof against Adarsh. Then Krishna says if there is no proof then stop this drama and ask Komal where is she because Komal and Adarsh marriage will happen today itself. Adarsh smiles at Krishna.

Adarsh and Komal do all the marriage rituals. Adarsh recalls Komal’s accusation and Komal looks happy. Later when Meera tries to get inside the car with Krishna she finds Pratigya’s earrings then recalls her conversation with Krishna in which he told her that he is alone then gets sad. Sumitra does aarti for Adarsh and Komal. Meera think why she feels like there is something wrong about the way Krishna is behaving and thinks if someone is lying then either they are hiding something or dont want to know about their wrong doings. Krishna gives his mobile to Meera to Welcome Komal and Adarsh. Pratigya calls Krishna. Meera answers the call but before she speak Krishna takes his mobile and goes inside. Meera looks at Krishna then follows him.

Pratigya says to Krishna that there is something wrong is happening and says that she saw two men bring a girl with them and the girl seems she is scare of them. Krishna asks Pratigya to go to her house saying she is not a spy she is a secretary and if she wants to be a detective then leave the job then disconnects the line. Meera hears the conversation.

Pratigya thinks that Krishna is not here to witness anything so he is asking her to leave but she has to find the real reason so that if she wants to help the girl she can able to. Krishna thinks why he is worried about Pratigya.

Meera comes out of the washroom and looks at Krishna then thinks that he is treating her like a servant and she is here worried about for no reason then hugs Krishna from behind. Krishna removes Meera’s hand then leaves the room. Meera gets shocked. Pratigya enters the room as a room service and asks the two men who is the girl two them. One of the men says that the girl is their sister. The girl says to Pratigya that they are lying and asks Pratigya to save her. Pratigya asks the two men to leave the house otherwise she will call the police.

One of the men says in this hotel this happens often because their boss and this hotel owners Sajjan and Krishna is knows each other and they are aware about this and threatens Pratigya. Pratigya gets shocked then asks the men to leave the hotel. One of the men push Pratigya out of the room. Krishna comes there. Pratigya gets shocked seeing Krishna.

Precap: Sumitra asks Krishna to invite his secretary to the house for lunch. Krishna invites Pratigya for lunch. Pratigya gets excited and asks where they are going for lunch. Krishna says to Pratigya that they are going to have lunch in his house. Pratigya gets shocked. Krishna calls Pratigya Multiple times. Shakti says looks like he is his secretary’s secretary. Krishna throws the letter at Pratigya and asks her to leave the place. Pratigya angrily looks at Krishna.

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