Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 9th August 2021 Written Update: Kesar kills Shakti to save Kriti

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 9th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratigya says to Krishna that Kriti is kidnapped and shows him her locket. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she saying. Pratigya takes Krishna’s mobile and calls police station and informs them that Kriti is missing and she want their help to find her. They says something which makes Pratigya worried seeing her like this Krishna asks her to give him the mobile he will teach them law but Pratigya says that they dont have time for this they have to find Kriti as soon as possible. Shakti asks money to the person on the other side of the call and threatens to kill Kriti if they fails to bring the money he asked to them to bring. Kriti looks at the glass piece so she tries to untie her witn the help of the broken glass piece.

Adarsh talks to someone on the call whether they find Kriti or not. Meera decides to call Krishna and Pratigya to know they find Kriti or not. Pratigya tells that they didnt find Kriti yet. Kesar says that Kriti is kidnapped the same say Shakti was thrown out of the house so it must be Shakti who is behind Kriti’s kidnap. Pratigya says to Kesar that they will check Shakti’s whereabouts too. Krishna looks at Pratigya confusingly who tells him that Kesar thinks its Shakti who is behind Kriti’s kidnap.

Kesar goes to Sumitra and asks her to call Shakti and ask him to leave Kriti because they all know it must be Shakti who is behind all this. Sumitra blames Kesar for throwing Shakti out of the house and trying to frame him as a kidnapper then says that she knows very well her son Shakti must be hiding somewhere to save his life from them all and he is innocent so asks not to drag his name unnecessarily. Kesar says to Sumitra that she dont want Shakti to do more wrong things and gets into trouble also asks Sumitra to think about her granddaughter too but Sumitra locks Kesar inside the room and threatens everyone saying if they try to trap her son she won’t spare them.

Shakti sees Kriti is trying to escape so he tells her that she is smart like her mother but he wont let her leave this place. He also asks Kriti to not to get scared of him because he is her uncle and he wont kill her. Then he takes Kriti out of the house. Krishna and Pratigya sees Shakti is taking Kriti out. Krishna asks Shakti to stop where he is and not to do anything to Kriti. Pratigya pleads Shakti to leave Kriti. Shakti says to Krishna and Pratigya that he is going to teach them a lesson for throwing him out. Adarsh comes behind Shakti but Shakti puts the gun on Kriti’s forehead and threatens to kill her so Adarsh backsaway but asks Shakti to leave Kriti and not to do more wrong things.

Krishna threatens to Kill Shakti if he tries to harm Kriti also says that he is also her father, Kriti calls him bade papa then how could he do this to her. Pratigya asks Shakti to not to involve Kriti in this. Shakti says that he is not going to kill Kriti but going to abuse her infront of everyone. Krishna Pratigya and Adarsh gets shocked. Krishna gives Shakti fiinal warning to not to do anything to his daughter but Shakti laughs and says that he is enjoying their helpless state a lot.

Pratigya pleads Shakti to leave Kriti alone and whatever he wants to do, do to them. Shakti asks both Pratigya and Krishna to apologise to him for throwing him out of the house they both apologises but Shakti asks them to fold their hands and asks them to apologise. Both Krishna and Pratigya does what Shakti asks them to but again Shakti says that its not more fun so asks them to kneel infront of him and ask him to forgive them. They both does what Shakti asked them to.

Shakti tells both Krishna and Pratigya that they should have respected their elders also not to thrown him out of the house. He then says he is not happy with all this he will get Peace and happiness after he kills Kriti. Adarsh tries to get closer to Shakti but he notices again and threatens to kill Kriti so Krishna asks Adarsh to go back who obliges. Shakti pulls the trigger. Kriti cries. Krishna and Pratigya asks Shakti to not to do this. Then they all gets shocked hearing the gun sound. Pratigya and Krishna screams Kriti’s name. They sees Shakti is falling to the ground and gets shocked seeing Kesar is the one who shot Shakti. Kriti hugs Pratigya and cries. Krishna and Adarsh shockingnly looks at Kesar.

Shakti breathes his last breath and closes his eyes. Kesar drops her gun. Sumitra cries and says they all killed her son then accuses Kesar. Pratigya’s tries to stop Sumitra but Sumitra starts accusing Pratigya for turning everyone against Shakti and making Kesar shot Shakti. Adarsh says to Sumitra that even after everything still why she is blaming Pratigya its Shakti who is wrong and did she know he tried to humiliate Kriti infront of everyone. Sumitra gets angry and asks Adarsh to stay from her family matters.

Komal says that she knows this is not the right time to say this but has she ever thought what kind of upbringing she gave to Shakti. Krishna also says it’s not Pratigya who is wrong here so asks Sumitra to not to blame her. The cops comes to the house with a arrest warrant to arrest Kesar. Kesar tells that she is not guilty for killing Shakti. Pratigya says to Kesar tbat she did this to save Kriti’s life so she will be there to come out of this situation.

Precap: Krishna asks Sumitra to come downstairs to do the last rites for Shakti. The priest tells that they are getting late so asks Sumitra can he start the rituals. Sumitra says to the Priest not for her one son but for her two sons that he needs to do the last rites. Krishna and Pratigya gets shocked.

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