Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Krishna and Pratigya argue over Balwant

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A show after having been splendid for years makes a comeback with the equal essence and flavours, it makes the audience touched and connected to it immediately. Well I can say, things are much similar in the case of Pratigya 2 which will air its first episode of the second season tonight on Star Bharat. The earlier version of the show used to come on Star Plus on a late night slot however the shows still managed to gain a lot of viewership and appreciation from audiences for it’s raw flavor and relatable chain of events.

Importantly this time the show is going to be produced by Directors Cut productions means Mr. Rajan Shahi. The show will have no major changes in terms of casting of the prominent characters. However the addition of new characters will happen as the show will progress with the storyline in the future Episodes.

The story line has Pratigya and Krishna who are happily married with two kids of their own. While Pratigya had an active care of her own self, this time Krishna along with her father-in-law Sajjan Singh are in support of their daughter-in-law Pratigya. It was so nostalgic to see Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behl coming back as Krishna and Pratigya with their old character traits and that adorable chemistry.

In tonight’s episode the audience will get to see Krishna speak to Pratigya about Balwant coming to his family and house for the murder case of his son in spite of having a lawyer appointed for that. He says for this reason I don’t want you to take up the case he is investigating on his own. On the other hand Sajjan Singh is apologetic for bringing out his gun once again . He says that today I couldn’t control myself and have to do it.

On the other hand, Krishna will deliver some money to the house of Radhe. Other side, Shakti gets shocked when his sons say to him that only we can free you from all these allegations as we know the real truth. On another hand, Krishna is feeling extremely guilty for Radhe and he comes back home all drunk.

Will Krishna be able to convince Pratigya? What will be the reaction of Pratigya after knowing the truth? Will Balwant come to know about the real intentions of Krishna?

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