Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Police to arrest Balwant

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In viewers Favourite show Pratigya 2 Sumitra and Komal plans to separate Pratigya and Krishna. Now it will be interesting to see what are they going to do to separate the love birds.

In the current track it shown that Krishna gains consciousness but Sumitra and Komal isn’t pleased with Pratigya. They both accuses Pratigya for Krishna’s condition and plans to remove Pratigya from Krishna’s life. Adarsh asks Pratigya to not to blame herself.

Later Pratigya calls the officer and questions what they done to Krishna then asks them to arrest Balwant otherwise she will go to the court. Officer promises to arrest Balwant. Krishna gets discharged from the hospital and everyone goes to Sajjan’s friends farm. In the car Adarsh and Komal share some romantic moments.

In the upcoming track it will be shown that Sumitra will mix something in the juice. Pratigya will drink the juice. Sumitra will say to Komal poison will remove poison. Pratigya will fall unconscious.

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