Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Police to arrest Krishna?

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Krishna decides to hold back his decision to leave the house for few more days seeing Sajjan health condition. Meera on the other side tells Krishna that he is the father of her unborn child which lead Krishna to make Meera leave the house.
Now it will be interesting to see how Krishna and Pratigya’s life is going to change because of Meera’s this revelation? Will Meera creates more trouble in Krishna and Pratigya’s life to be with Krishna? Will Meera get Sumitra’s support?

In the current track it shown that Krishna tells that he is ashamed to tell that he is part of this family. Sumitra tells that they decides not to tell him because of his health condition.
Krishna questions then why they didnt reveal after Pratigya comes to the house then he lashes out at Meera even after knowing his love for Pratigya she treated her in a wrong way.

Sumitra gets angry and tells that she will always hate Pratigya no matter what which lead Krishna to take a decision of leaving the house. Sajjan falls ill first Krishna thinks it’s an acting but Pratigya makes Krishna realise the seriousness so Krishna take Sajjan to the hospital.

Doctor tells the family members that they should keep the environment stress free for Sajjan. Adarsh and Komal asks Pratigya and to not to leave the house. Krishna decides to stay in the house until Sajjan recovers.

Meera comes there Kesar and Adarsh asks her to leave but she claims that she is pregnant with Krishna’s child. Krishna gets furious and calls her shameless person for putting such allegations on him. Pratigya gets shocked. Kesar tells Meera that she stoop so low to be with Krishna.

Meera pleads Krishna to believe her words saying she wont put her self respect at stake. But Krishna refuses then Kesar throws Meera out of the house and closes the door. Komal goes to meet Sumitra where she tells Meera’s allegations on Krishna.

Sumitra gets happy saying may be whatever Meera told is not a lie she may indeed pregnant with Krishna’s child. She also tells that she always knows that Kesar is helping Pratigya now when the right time comes she will show her the place.

Pratigya gets sad and upset thinking about Meera’s words so Krishna promises the kids that they can play later now Pratigya is tired so she needs rest. Kids agrees and leaves the room. Krishna apologises to Pratigya for whatever she has gone through not only because of his family but also for him.

Pratigya tells that he is not at all wrong now she is not thinking about that but about Meera’s words and gets worried saying what if Meera told is a truth then they cant let the baby inside her suffer because its Krishna’s. Sumitra tells Komal if the child truly belongs to their family then they can achieve so many things through that child.

She also warns Komal about Adarsh but Komal gets angry and asks Sumitra to not to suspect Adarsh for everything. Kesar comes and tells Pratigya that she knows very well about Meera so asks not to worry saying whatever she told is a lie.

Then asks Forget Meera as a nightmare and concentrate on her life with Krishna then she removes all the photo frames in which Meera is in it. Krishna asks Pratigya to listen to concentrate on Kesar’s words. Pratigya looks confused.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Cops will come to the Singh’s mansion. The officer will say there is complaint made against Krishna. Krishna will turn around and look at the cops. Pratigya will ask the officer what kind of complaint is that.
The officer will say to Pratigya that her husband Krishna made Meera pregnant then thrown her out of the house. Everyone will get shocked. Meera will come to the house with a smirk on her face.

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