Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Pratigya to get hospitalized?

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In viewers favourite show Pratigya 2 there are lots of drama happened after Krishna went to prison. Now Sumitra want a new girl in Krishna’s life so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next.

In the current track it shown that Shakti says Sumitra nowadays there is no such girls who met her expectations. Meera will blame Pratigya for standing in a path way. Meera and the guards argue for the mangoes which Meera stole. Pratigya asks Meera to give back to the guards. Meera agrees then ran away saying next time she will give them the mangoes. Pratigya asks the guard what’s her name. The guards says her name is Meera.

Komal asks Adarsh what is he doing when she saw him alone. Adarsh says that he is listening and trying to understand what the bird’s are saying. Then asks Komal is she going anywhere outside after seeing her attire. Komal asks Adarsh that he didn’t like this look of hers. Shakti comes there and tells Komal not to wear makeup and everything as she is a widow. Adarsh says to Shakti to not talk to his sister that way. Komal leaves the place. Shakti warns Adarsh not to go nearby Komal otherwise he will kill Adarsh’s family.

Later, when everyone have their food on the dining room, Sumitra mix the poison for Pratigya and give it to her. Krishna questions Adarsh why he isn’t married yet to which Adarsh says that he didn’t met someone like Pratigya. Pratigya feels dizzy. Krishna notices and asks what happened Pratigya says nothing. Komal and Sumitra smiles at each other. Krishna and Pratigya go for a walk where Pratigya once again not feel well so she goes to the room. Krishna see kids infront of an idol and see the idol is promising the kids they will get food everyday. He wonders who it was and find Meera there and says that she is indeed a god for the kids. When Meera try to leave the place she falls on Krishna. Pratigya finds blood in her hand after she touched her mouth then looks shocked.

In the upcoming track it will be shown that Krishna will give rose to Pratigya. Krishna will wish Pratigya on their Anniversary. Meera will do puja of Lord Krishna. Krishna will say to Pratigya she will like his present. Pratigya will open the present. Pratigya will fall on the ground. Everyone will look shocked.

Will Pratigya survive?

Will Krishna get to know about Sumitra’s plan?

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