Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Pratigya to slap Shakti!

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 after Meera faces miscarriage its Pratigya who promises to be with her and takes care of her. Meera then falls into Sajjan and Shakti’s trap which lead her to get stuck inside the room with Mishra. Now it will be interesting to see what will Pratigya do when Meera tell Pratigya what Sajjan and Shakti did to her? Will Pratigya takes a legal action against Shakti?

In the current track it shown that Shakti says to Kesar in order to save families reputation a husband needs to teach a lesson when a wife doesn’t listen to him then takes a stick in his hand but Kesar stops and threatens him to file a case against him if he lays a hand on her which leads a furious Shakti to throw water at Kesar and ties her in the chair then put the air conditioner temperature very low as a punishment.
The next day Krishna’s offer to help the kids in their studies makes Pratigya and the kids to laugh. She then wonders what happened to Kesar all of sudden when she sees her condition. Sajjan and Shakti asks Mishra to give the deal to them but he refuses then he sees Meera who is going to the kitchen.

Sajjan and Shakti smiles at each other. Shakti then takes Meera to the place where Mishra is lying that they are going to buy medicines for Sajjan and Sumitra. Meera also goes with Shakti because Sajjan tells her this is the least she can do for staying in the house for free.

Shakti see Mishra and recalls how he asked Mishra if he feels the money they are giving him is lesser than he expected then what he wants and Mishra saying that Meera is beautiful.

Meera gets shocked when she sees that Mishra getting inside the room and approaching her with a smile on his face. Pratigya searches for Meera everywhere and gets worried. Kesar tells Pratigya that Shakti is the one who took Meera to buy medicines.

Shakti comes to the house also and doesnt reply Pratigya’s questions when she asks him where is Meera. Pratigya tells Krishna everything so Krishna decides to search for Meera but they gets shocked seeing Meera coming to the house in a miserable state.

Pratigya asks what happened but Meera goes and locks her room. Sumitra tells that Meera is unnecessarily creating dramas. Pratigya pleads Meera to open the door. Krishna also asks Meera to open the door.

Shakti tells that Meera must be once again decides to commit suicide then she might be recalled Pratigya’s words so she decides not to kill herself and returned to the house so there is no need to worry about her. Pratigya and Krishna angrily looks at Shakti who smiles happily.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pratigya will get inside Meera’s room. Meera will cry and say to Pratigya this is what happens when a woman dont have a man in her life. Pratigya will get shocked and ask Meera what happened. Meera will say to Pratigya everything. Pratigya will take Meera with her then slap Shakti. Everyone will get shocked.

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