Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Pratigya to threaten Meera to send her to prison!

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Pratigya gives into Meera’s demand to let her stay in the Singh’s mansion when Meera comes with the police. Krishna feels guilty. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next in Krishna and Pratigya’s life because of the new found information about Meera’s unborn child which she claims as Krishna’s.

In the current track it shown that Krishna searches for Pratigya then finds her outside their room looking at the moon so he also decides to stay with her there when she refuses to go inside with him their room even after he told that he will change the entire rooms look.

In the morning Krishna brings Sajjan to the house. Sumitra tells Krishna that she is happy for his decision to stay here but Krishna tells that he is fulfilling his responsibilities as a son nothing else once Sajjan recovers he will leave the house.

Then the police officer comes and tells that there is a complaint against Krishna for making Meera pregnant and after knowing this he thrown her out. The officer tells Pratigya to solve this issue inside the house itself otherwise she as a advocate very well know what happens.

Meera asks Pratigya to decide. Sumitra tells Meera that she can stay here because she is carrying Krishna’s child but Meera tells that she wants confirmation from Krishna and Pratigya. Pratigya tells Meera that she can stay here but Krishna refuses and tells Meera that he will arrange a new house where she can stay.

Meera tells that she want to give the child his or her family. Sumitra also tells that she wont let her grandchild born in some other house. Pratigya tells Meera to stay but warns her not to try something to separate her and Krishna but Meera tells that nothing and no one can able to separate a husband and wife also her child will always bring Krishna close to her.

Krishna gets angry but Pratigya asks him to let Meera do whatever she wants. Meera in her room tells that she wont let go of Krishna that easily. Kesar comes and tells Meera that she will live her whole life as a outsider and leaves. Pratigya asks Krishna to stay calm because they have to tackle this problem together and it can only happen when they both stay calm and strong. Then she goes inside the washroom and cries recalling everything that happened.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Meera will ask Garv and Kriti their parents didnt tell them anything. Garv and Kriti will say no then Garv will ask Meera to tell what’s happening. Meera will say to Garv and Kriti soon they are going to have a little brother or sister.
Krishna and Pratigya will come there. Pratigya will ask Meera she is good at making the kids understand about the situation then why not she tell them how she separated Garv and Kriti from their own father. She will then warn Meera to not to play games or else she will send her to prison for how she has taken advantage of Krishna’s memory loss and lived with him. Meera will angrily look at Pratigya.

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