Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Shakti to kidnap Kriti?

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Kriti’s birthday party gets ruined so she asks her parents to make Meera leave the house so both Krishna and Pratigya decides to tell the kids the truth. Now it will be interesting to see will Krishna and Pratigya able to make the kids understand about the situation. What will be the kids reaction also how they will act towards Meera when they learn about the truth.

In the current track it shown that Krishna Pratigya and Garv wakes Kriti with a gifts and Birthday wishes. Kriti gets happy and says that the whole day is going to be more fun. She then goes to Sajjan and Sumitra to take blessings but they both ignores her which makes Kriti sad. Krishna scolds his parents for acting like this towards a kid.
Pratigya asks Kriti to get ready. Later when the Birthday arrangements happens Sumitra mocks Meera and asks why she is here because yesterday she acted like that she is in so much pain. Meera tells that she dont want to ruin Kriti’s birthday but Shakti tells her that she lost her own child and acts like she is caring about others child.

Kriti and Garv gets happy when one of their comes to the party but then the kids mother takes the kid with her saying they cant go to the house where a man live with two women. Kriti cries and says it’s all happening because of Meera so asks Meera to leave the house then she tells her parents to make Meera Meera leave the house.

Krishna gets upset the whole day Kriti cried that too on her birthday. Then both Pratigya and Krishna decides to tell the kids the truth about everything that’s happening in the house. Then next day Shakti tells Sumitra that he has to teach lesson to Kesar for acting brave then he sees Meera and follows her when she goes inside the store room to take atta.

Krishna and Pratigya enjoys their day out with the kids and return to the house. Pratigya gets shocked when Kesar tells that Shakti is nowhere to be found and Meera is in store room. Shakti tries to molest Meera but Krishna opens the door of the store room in the right time. Meera hugs Pratigya. Shakti gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Krishna will beat Shakti then throw him out of the house for trying to molest Meera. Shakti will say that Pratigya will pay for this for putting him in this situation. Shakti will give his men a picture and asked to kidnap and do not let the family members get to know about where they kept the person.

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