Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Weekly Update: Krishna to save Meera from Shakti.

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This week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 episode starts with Sumitra tells that Pratigya always goes against the family members wishes which makes Krishna angry so he asks Sumitra to realise her mistake also understands others pain for once. Meera asks Pratigya why she is helping her when Sumitra who she thought loves her so much isn’t even cared about her. Pratigya asks Meera to not to think much and have the medicine then take rest. She then asks Krishna why he is worried but Krishna tells that he is upset with the way his family member’s are treating Meera once their need is over they wanted to throw her like a bug which falls inside the milk. Pratigya asks Krishna to not to think about them and says that they have to take care of Meera and let her stay inside until she fully recovers. Krishna argues with Pratigya. Kesar also supports Krishna but Pratigya tells that they have to do this on the basis of humanity.

Sumitra taunts and threatens Meera which leads Meera to leave the house. Kesar informs Pratigya and Krishna that Meera left the house. Pratigya then saves Meera from the car which is about to hit her then she slaps Meera and asks her to be back to her old self who is bubbly happy loving girl thinks about others and helped the poor kids to have atleast one time meal. She then promises to help Meera. Pratigya brings Meera to the Singh’s mansion but Sajjan and Sumitra tells Pratigya that they dont want Meera in the house and she can also leave the house with Meera if she dont listen to their words. Pratigya asks them how could they let Meera leave the house in this condition. Sajjan tells its not their problem also it’s not her father’s house to take decision. Krishna tells Sajjan that he is part of this family and Pratigya is his wife so she has all the rights.

Shakti tells Krishna that Sajjan is the head of this house so he has to oblige whatever he says. Krishna asks Pratigya to take Meera inside the house saying even he wants to see who is going to stop her from doing this. Later in the night Meera asks Pratigya why she is being nice with her when all she did is a wrong things. Krishna hugs Pratigya and praises her for having such a big heart. Meera smiles seeing Krishna and Pratigya’s love for each other. Shakti says to Kesar in order to save families reputation a husband needs to teach a lesson when wife doesn’t listen to him then takes a stick in his hand but Kesar stops and threatens him to file a case against him if he lays a hand on her which leads a furious Shakti to throw water at Kesar and ties her in the chair then put the air conditioner temperature very low as a punishment. The next day Krishna’s offer to help the kids in their studies makes Pratigya and the kids to laugh. She then wonders what happened to Kesar all of sudden when she sees her condition.

Sajjan and Shakti asks Mishra to give the deal to them but he refuses then he sees Meera who is going to the kitchen. Sajjan and Shakti smiles at each other. Shakti then takes Meera to the place where Mishra is lying that they are going to buy medicines for Sajjan and Sumitra. Meera also goes with Shakti because Sajjan tells her this is the least she can do for staying in the house for free. Shakti see Mishra and recalls how he asked Mishra if he feels the money they are giving him is lesser than he expected then what he wants and Mishra saying that Meera is beautiful. Meera gets shocked when she sees that Mishra getting inside the room and approaching her with a smile on his face. Pratigya searches for Meera everywhere and gets worried. Kesar tells Pratigya that Shakti is the one who took Meera to buy medicines. Shakti comes to the house but refused to reply to Pratigya’s questions when she asks him where is Meera.

Pratigya tells Krishna everything so Krishna decides to search for Meera but they gets shocked seeing Meera coming to the house in a miserable state. Pratigya asks what happened but Meera goes and locks her room. Sumitra tells that Meera is unnecessarily creating dramas. Pratigya pleads Meera to open the door. Krishna also asks Meera to open the door. Shakti tells that Meera must be once again decides to commit suicide then she might be recalled Pratigya’s words so she decides not to kill herself and returned to the house so there is no need to worry about her. Pratigya and Krishna angrily looks at Shakti who smiles happily. Later He thinks that Mishra is calling him to give the deal to them because he must be happy with the work he done for him but both Shakti and Sajjan gets shocked when Mishra tells them what Meera did to him then tells them that he wont let any deal pass on their favor.

Krishna asks Pratigya to not to worry about Meera then Garv and Kriti comes to the room and asks their parents to think what is Special tomorrow. Both Krishna and Pratigya acts first then they tells Kriti that they know its her Birthday also plans for a party. Pratigya sees Meera is crying so she asks her to stop crying for a man but Meera tells Pratigya whatever happened to her then says this is what happens when a woman is not with a man. Pratigya slaps Shakti and tells everyone what he did to Meera. Sajjan defends Shakti’s actions, Pratigya gets shocked and asked to think about this family women. Krishna tries to hit Shakti but Pratigya stops him saying the cops are on their way to arrest him. Once the police arrives Shakti acts and says that Krishna is living with two women and when he told him this is wrong he along with Pratigya and Meera putting allegations on him.

Pratigya asks the officer to act to the complaint which she filed also not to fall into Shakti’s acts she also threatens Shakti if she reveals the truth then everyone will go to the prison. Meera tells the officer that she is taking back her complaint and leaves the place. Krishna and Pratigya gets shocked. The cops also leaves. Shakti asks Kesar to bring him a cup of tea but she leaves the place then when Shakti asks Kesar why she is not obeying her husband’s words Kesar cries and tells that she is happy that they don’t have a girl child or else he will sell her too. Pratigya asks Meera why she take back the complaint when she is with her and how long she is going to tolerate this all. Meera tells that she dont want to create more problems for Krishna but Krishna comes there and says to Meera that she dont have to worry about him because he is innocent also Pratigya is there for him but Meera stays firm in his decision so Krishna tells that they will find some other way. The next day Krishna Pratigya and Garv wakes Kriti with a gifts and Birthday wishes. Kriti gets happy and says that the whole day is going to be more fun. She then goes to Sajjan and Sumitra to take blessings but they both ignores her which makes Kriti sad. Krishna scolds his parents for acting like this towards a kid. Pratigya asks Kriti to get ready.

During Kriti’s Birthday preparations Sumitra taunts Meera and asks why she is here because yesterday she acted like that she is in so much pain. Meera tells that she dont want to ruin Kriti’s birthday but Shakti tells her that she lost her own child and acts like she is caring about others child. Kriti and Garv gets happy when one of their comes to the party but then the kids mother takes the kid with her saying they cant go to the house where a man live with two women. Kriti cries and says it’s all happening because of Meera so asks Meera to leave the house then she tells her parents to make Meera Meera leave the house. Krishna gets upset the whole day Kriti cried that too on her birthday. Then both Pratigya and Krishna decides to tell the kids the truth about everything that’s happening in the house.

Shakti tells Sumitra that he has to teach lesson to Kesar for acting brave then he sees Meera and follows her when she goes inside the store room to take atta. Krishna and Pratigya enjoys their day out with the kids and return to the house. Pratigya gets shocked when Kesar tells that Shakti is nowhere to be found and Meera is in store room. Shakti tries to molest Meera but Krishna opens the door of the store room in the right time. Meera hugs Pratigya. Shakti gets shocked. Krishna tells Sumitra that he told her so many times that Shakti’s intentions but she ignored now he won’t leave him but Pratigya stops Krishna from hitting Shakti then gives a stick to Meera and asks her to beat him if she don’t now then she can never able to stand up for herself. Meera hits Shakti then Krishna hits Shakti and brings him to the living room.

Sumitra stops Krishna and blames Meera that it’s her fault but Pratigya tells that she should be ashamed of herself. Sumitra says even the kids dont want Meera to be here but Kriti says that Meera is Innocent so its Shakti who needs to get punished. Krishna throws Shakti out of the house so Shakti decides to take revenge from Pratigya for putting him in this condition. Sumitra cries and says to Sajjan that once again everyone started listening to Pratigya and because of her and Meera, Krishna has thrown Shakti out of the house. Sumitra and Sajjan gets shocked when they sees Kesar in a white saree. Kesar tells them that for her her husband is dead also she is alive now. She also stops Sumitra from slapping her. Pratigya praises Kriti for doing the right thing by supporting Meera. Meera comes there and blesses Kriti then says to Krishna and Pratigya that she needs their help to get a job through which she can able to stand up for herself. They both agrees to help her.

Shakti gives Kriti’s picture to one of his men and says they have to make sure no one find Kriti then says now he wants to see what will Pratigya do to save her daughter. Pratigya apologises to Kesar for throwing Shakti out of the house but Kesar tells that she did a right thing. Krishna asks them to play with him and the kids so all three of them goes and plays. In the night Shakti enters the house ans kidnaps Kriti. The next day Pratigya searches for Kriti but she couldn’t able to find her. Everyone in the house searches for Kriti but then gets worried when Kriti is nowhere. Pratigya then finds Kriti’s locket and says to Krishna that someone kidnapped Kriti. Everyone gets shocked.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Shakti will say to Krishna and Pratigya that they have to come to the place at the exact time he asked them to or else they will never meet Kriti. Kriti will be seen tied in a chair with a cloth around her mouth. Kriti will try to untie the rope. Kesar will say to Sumitra that she do knows its Shakti who is behind Kriti’s kidnap so asked her to save her granddaughter. Pratigya will say to Krishna that Kesar told it must be Shakti who is Kriti’s kidnapper. Krishna will get shocked.

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