Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Will Pratigya learn about Shakti’s plan?

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Pratigya’s decision to bring Meera to the house makes the Singh’s angry at the same time Krishna also asks Pratigya to let Meera go once recovers. Pratigya promises to help Meera to recover fully. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next will Meera let Krishna and Pratigya live their life happily? What will Singh’s do to make Meera leave the house?

In the current track it shown that Sumitra says that Pratigya always goes against the family members wishes which makes Krishna angry so he asks Sumitra to realise her mistake also understands others pain for once.
Meera asks Pratigya why she is helping her when Sumitra who she thought loves her so much isn’t even cared about her. Pratigya asks Meera to not to think much and have the medicine then take rest. She then asks Krishna why he is worried but Krishna tells that he is upset with the way his family member’s are treating Meera once their need is over they wanted to throw her like a bug which falls inside the milk.

Pratigya asks Krishna to not to think about them and says that they have to take care of Meera and let her stay inside until she fully recovers. Krishna argues with Pratigya. Kesar also supports Krishna but Pratigya tells that they have to do this on the basis of humanity.

Sumitra taunts and threatens Meera which leads Meera to leave the house. Kesar informs Pratigya and Krishna that Meera left the house. Pratigya then saves Meera from the car which is about to hit her then she slaps Meera and asks her to be back to her old self who is bubbly happy loving girl thinks about others and helped the poor kids to have atleast one time meal.

She then promises to help Meera. Pratigya brings Meera to the Singh’s mansion but Sajjan and Sumitra tells Pratigya that they dont want Meera in the house and she can also leave the house with Meera if she dont listen to their words.

Pratigya asks them how could they let Meera leave the house in this condition. Sajjan tells its not their problem also it’s not her father’s house to take decision. Krishna tells Sajjan that he is part of this family and Pratigya is his wife so she has all the rights.

Shakti tells Krishna that Sajjan is the head of this house so he has to oblige whatever he says. Krishna asks Pratigya to take Meera inside the house saying even he wants to see who is going to stop her from doing this.

Later in the night Meera asks Pratigya why she is being nice with her when all she did is a wrong things. Krishna hugs Pratigya and praises her for being such a big heart. Meera smiles seeing Krishna and Pratigya’s love for each other.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Sajjan will talk to one of his client. Shakti will see the way Sajjan’s client is looking at Meera. Meera will get stuck inside the room with that Man who will approach her. Meera will scratch his face and warn him not to come near by her. Sajjan’s client will threaten Meera the latter will get scared.

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