Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya2: Will Krishna and Pratigya save Meera and her child?

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Meera goes crazy when Pratigya asks her to remove the mangalsutra and vermilion also the Priest don’t let her stay in the puja. Now it will be interesting to see will Meera gets succeed taking revenge from Pratigya? Will Krishna and Pratigya able to save Meera’s unborn child?

In the current track it shown that Meera tells Krishna that the pain is unbearable that’s why she is asking him to stay with her a night. Krishna asks Meera to take Sumitra’s help but Meera says Sumitra is sleeping also she is scared so Krishna takes Meera with him saying he will give her a solution for her problem.
Meera gets happy then Krishna shocks Meera by asking Kesar to take care of Meera for a night and leaves with Pratigya. Meera declines Kesar’s offer to stay with her for a night. The next day Singh’s arranges the puja for Meera’s unborn child. Sajjan tells for every child in this family this puja has been held so they will do this puja for Meera’s child too.

Meera comes there happily but Pratigya stops her and asks her to remove the mangalsutra and vermilion then sits in the puja. Sumitra and Sajjan defends Meera the same time Krishna defends Pratigya and asks Meera to remove the mangalsutra and vermilion and when Sumitra asks him to sit with Meera in the puja he refuses so Adarsh asks Meera to remove the mangalsutra and vermilion saying this is for her child’s well being Only as a mother she should think about her child so Meera removes the vermilion and Mangalsutra.

Transgender people comes to the Singh’s mansion and they blesses Pratigya thinking she is the one who pregnant which leads Meera to lashes out at them also she insults them saying she knows how to take care of her child and she dont want anyone’s blessings.

Pratigya apologises to the transgender people on behalf of Meera they blesses her also tells Meera that she wont get anything if she acts this way and leaves the place. Meera goes and sits with Krishna but the priest tells she is not married so its Pratigya who needs to sit and do the puja for her child.

Sajjan also asks Pratigya to sit in the puja so Meera gets angry and goes to her room. Sumitra gives the prasad to Meera but she refuses so Sumitra scold Meera for acting like a child when she herself going to become a mother also asks her to think about the well being of the child. Then Pratigya ties the black thread in Meera’s hand. Meera thinks for whatever Pratigya did today she will make sure she pays for it.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Meera will fall to the ground. Pratigya and Kesar will get shocked seeing Meera in the ground clutching her stomach. Pratigya will call everyone.
She will say to Krishna that they have to take Meera to the hospital soon or else she will lose her child. Krishna will take Meera in his arms and leaves the house. Sumitra will angrily look at Pratigya. Pratigya will get confused.

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