Marriage twist ahead in Kawach!

Next in Colors TV Kawach, Angad and Sandhya to get married, Kapil to get free from the grave.

So far in Kawach, it is seen on the way back to home the evils again trap Sandhya and Angad. The car gets lock and starts driving on its own. Sandhya shouts for help. Angad runs behind the car to save her.

Sandhya sees Kapil sitting inside the car. She runs out of the car. She sees Angad and hugs him out of fear. He was Kapil. Sandhya again runs and ask for the help.

Otherside, Pandit Ji senses some danger. Angad informs Sandhya’s family that she is in danger. They all runs to save Sandhya.

There, Kapil holds Sandhya and starts chanting something in her ear. Kapil hits Angad. Sandhya recalls Pandit Ji words and chants Shiv Chalisa to save Angad from Kapil. Meanwhile, Pandit Ji comes and locks the evils in the box.

Pandit asks Angad and Sandhya to marry as soon as possible. He also says till they get married he will keep eye on the grave.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kiran will tell Angad that Sandhya is not suitable for their house. She will provoke Nisha to make Angad fall for her. Kiran will persuade Nisha to win his love. She will try to seduce Angad and he will get angry.

There will be marriage twist ahead in the serial. Angad and Sandhya will be all set to get married.

As per the new promo, Sandhya and Angad will exchange the garland. Kapil will set himself free from the grave and will reach the venue. He will confront Angad and will say you get married to Sandhya but he will own his body.

Kapil will romance Sandhya and she will see Angad in place of him. What next happens in Kawach will be interesting to watch.

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