Mass elimination and wild card entries in Bigg Boss 17 next? Check out

Shocking eliminations in the history of TV’s most controversial show, Bigg Boss 17,

A Renowned daily exclusively reported that soon there will be a mass elimination in the house. The speculation over wild card entries is buzzing hot. 


Lately, Bigg Boss has turned boring with the repetitive kitchen fight, love angles, and aggression. The contenders this year falunted their personalities instantly, and now it is boring to watch them. Bigg Boss needs freshness. So far, Manasavi Mamgai, a wild-card entry, has been eliminated. Two eliminations were canceled by the makers due to Dusherra and Diwali. 

To give a shock to the housemates, this time the makers of the show are bringing a mass elimination twist to the show. The inactive members of the house will be replaced by the wild card entries. Here, we speculate who might get eliminated from the house. Also find below the contenders entering as wild cards.

Naved Sole.

Navid has a language barrier. There are high chances of Naved’s elimination from the house. Also, a few contenders feel Naved is unfit for the show because he is doing nothing. Naved was spotted contributing less to the show. Makers might eliminate Naved in the coming days.

Jigna Vora:

After the press conference task, Jigna is seen nowhere in the house. She doesn’t have her own issues. Jigna might get replaced by the wild card entry.

Sunny Arya:

Famously known as Tehelka in the outside world, Sunny was expected to do the blast in the house. Apart from sleeping and being around Arun, Tehelka has no game. It is speculated that Sunny’s wife, Deepika Arya, will replace him in the show.

Rinku Dhawan:

Rinku does not have any games as of now. She used to be Bigg Boss’s favorite contender. Rinku used to analyze well, but her game has weakened, or rather, only targets Khanzadi or Mannara Chopra. There are high chances of Rinku getting a shocking elimination. 

Sana Khan, Anurag Dobhal, and Arun Mashetty might face a shocking elimination.

There is no confirmed name list of the wild card entries as of now. But wild cards always spice up the show. The same is expected in season 17. 

Tell us whose elimination you are all expecting.

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