May I Come In Madam 14th November 2023 Written Update: Kashmira asks Sajan for her jewellery

May I Come In Madam 14th November 2023 Written Update on

KThe episode starts with Sajan asking if he is only employee who needs to sacrifice for office or others will have to do so too. Sanjana says they did not talk about resignation but about cost cutting. Sajan says Sanjana that he will adjust with 50%. Sanjana compliments him for his dedication. Chedy says him to sign the papers and thanks him for helping the company by giving his 50% bonus. Sajan gets shocked and says he was thinking they are talking about giving him bonus.


Chedy and Sanjana tell Sajan that if he has problem he can get the resignation letter. Sanjana asks Sajan to make wise choice. Bhupesh says his mother it’s not her age to apply mehendi on hands but rather on her hair. Sajan comes home and asks Kashmira for tea but she says she was working whole day and just sat a few minutes back. Kashmira says she was doing work too. Sajan tells he works hard to earn. Kashmira gets shocked to see Sajan getting hyper talking about office. Kashmira asks Gulabiya about her full name and asks her what work she can do. Gulabiya tells that she can do everything seeing internet.

Kashmira tells Sajan that he is keeping Gulabiya as maid to do household work. He asks Kashmira if she is retiring. He gets into argument with his mother in law. Kashmira says Sajan that she wants to start new business. Sajan asks her to spell business first which she fails to do. She asks him to encourage her and give her the jewellery and silver kept in his locker. Sajan agrees to give it to her. Sanjana waits for Sajan near the lift. Sajan comes there and asks Sanjana if she was waiting for long.

Sanjana says Sajan to support her in her bad times. She says that she is not getting bank loan and even her friends are not helping her. She tells she is thinking to get help from underworld Don now. Sajan says he will help her instead. Sanjana tells Sajan that she needs 25 lakhs. The latter agrees to arrange it for her. He imagines Sanjana asking him to kiss her and kisses lift security instead. Chedy drinks alcohol listening to romantic melodies and Kashmira’s mother comes to meet him. They flirt with each other.

Sajan says Khilone that he needs 25 lakhs urgently. He remind Khilone that he had sold his plot in crores recently but the latter says that it belonged to his wife and she is very strict about money. Khilone just gives him 500 rs and says his wife has right on his property so he cannot help more. Chedy and Kashmira’s mother have alcohol together. She starts doing mujra after having some alcohol. At night Kashmira asks Sajan for her jewellery she has asked him to bring from locker. Sajan says he did not bring it today and she questions if he has sold her jewellery. The episode ends with Kashmira getting posssed by dadi.

Precap Sanjana will ask Bhupesh if he has seen Sajan as she him entering lift but cannot find him. Sajan will be hiding below the table. Chedy and Banumati will plan to meet behind the latter’s house. Sajan will says Sanjana not to go to Don as he will arrange the money.

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