May I Come In Madam 16th November 2023 Written Update: Sajan plans to gain sympathy from Sanjana

May I Come In Madam 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanjana making fake noise to show cat is drinking milk. Sajan comes there and makes Bhupesh leave. He checks under the table and communicates with Sanjana. He says her to wait for a while and then he will signal her. Sanjana thanks him for doing so much for her. Sajan thinks in mind that she is forcing him to do so. Next day at office, Sanjana returns Sajan Kashmira’s jewellery and says she doesn’t need it anymore as their company got a new contract.


Sajan gets worried about Kashmira’s allegations if he takes jewellery back home. Sanjana sees Kashmira and Chedy coming towards cabin with inspector and punches Sajan . She tells them that thief was running with jewellery and Sajan caught him. Kashmira gets impressed and thanks him for saving his wife’s jewellery. Chedy asks him to save others too and inspector says he will nominate Sajan’s name for best citizen of the year. Banumati comes to meet Chedy. They flirt with each other and Chedy asks if they should marry. Sanjana comes there and Banumati hides. She asks Chedy why she heard cat’s voice and he makes excuses. Sanjana takes him back inside.

Sajan greets Sanjana for morning and says she is looking very beautiful. Sanjana asks why it concerns him. She confuses him by scolding him but says later she was just kidding. Sajan sees Bhupesh coming towards lift and quickly closes door. Bhupesh’s finger gets stuck in middle. Sanjana scolds Sajan and tells Bhupesh to take day off but he denies. Sajan thinks Sanjana is so caring and she is beautiful inside out. Later Sajan tells Khilone about the incident. Khilone says women are soft hearted. So they should they pain and emotional story to gain sympathy.

Khilone tells Sajan to take his clothes off and he will make marks on his back. He suggests to show it to Sanjana and tell her some painful story then she will hug him. Sajan gets call from Kashmira who asks her what he wants to eat. While Sajan is talking to her, Khilone starts hitting him with stick and he keeps screaming. Kashmira questions about why he is shouting and he makes excuse. Once Sajan returns home, Kashmira makes him open his shirt. She gets shocked to see the marks on his back and question him about it.

Sajan cries and says Sanjana had hit him and she is acting weird these days. He makes emotional story and says he needs to earn more for Bhupesh and Banumati. Kashmira apologises to Sajan and says she will talk to Sanjana about it. Sajan says to let it go. Chedy comes to meet Banumati and flirts again. Sajan meets Sanjana in car parking area. Khilone comes there dressed as beggar and begs for clothes. Sajan opens his shirt and gives it to him. He hugs Sajan and the latter screams in pain. Another beggar looks on. Sajan shows the marks on his back and says Kashmira hit him. The episode ends with Sanjana thinking to talk to Kashmira about it.

Precap Sajan will tell Sanjana that he feels no one is his own. The latter will ask what she can do to make him feel better and decides to take Sajan for dinner. Chedy and Banumati will again flirt and she falls from swing. Doctor will congratulate Banumati and everyone will get shocked.

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