May I Come In Madam 18th November 2023 Written Update: Gulabiya gives an idea to Kashmira

May I Come In Madam 18th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chedilal asking Bhupesh for asking so many questions and then asking him to ask whether he wants water or not? Bhupesh asks the same. Chedilal says he wants water, so Bhupesh goes out. He warns Ramvati about Bhupesh and then leaves from there.


The next day, Sanjana is on a call with someone in the office. Sajan arrives there. Sanjana asks him to be comfortable like his own house. Sajan talks casually, so Sanjana reminds him what she has told. Sajan puts up an act, so Sanjana feels guilty and apologises to him. She then tells Sajan about her conversation with a psychiatrist friend who suggests not to react sad when Kasmira beats him up. Sajan tells her in his childhood that he smiles when his father is beaten him up, which leads his father to beat him more. Sanjana says to Sajan that Kashmira is not his father, then hits him and asks him to smile when Sajan screams. Sajan forces a smile. Sanjana encourages him to react like this whenever Kashmira attacks him.

There, Gulabiya asks Kashmira the reason behind being sad. Kashmira shares her problems with Gulabiya. Gulabiya suggests that she have a conversation with Sajan’s boss. Kashmira likes the idea. Just then, Ramvati arrives there. She demands food items from Kashmira, which leads the latter to shout at her. Ramvati cries, so Kashmira feels bad. Kashmira apologises to her. She then asks Ramvati to invite Chedilal and Sanjana for dinner. Ramvati gets happy, so she excitedly leaves the place. Kashmira gets shocked to see it. Ramvati realises her mistake, so she looks at Kashmira, who taunts her.

In the office, Sajan enters Sanjana’s cabin. He imagines spending time with her so smiles to himself. Sanjana questions Sajan the reason behind his smile. Sajan lies that he is following her instructions. Sanjana shares her idea to talk to Kashmira about this issue, stating a woman can understand another woman, though. Sajan tries to convince her otherwise, but Sanjana remains firm in her decision. Just then, Chedilal arrives there and informs about dinner invite from Sajan’s mother in law so he asks Sanjana not to agree for any other important meeting or then leaves. Sanjana decides to use this opportunity and then leaves. Sajan worries about the outcome.

Later, Sajan meets his friends. Khiloni gets shocked to see the blood pressure level of Sajan. Khiloni says they have to do something to prevent Sajan’s lies from getting exposed. Sajan decides to kidnap Bhupesh. He seeks Khiloni and Batuta’s help. Batuta hesitates but agrees in the end. Sajan returns to the office. He saw Pyari sketching something and claims she is sketching Bhupesh. Sajan manipulates Pyari to kidnap Bhupesh. Pyari asks Bhupesh to meet her in a particular spot and then cuts the call, which confuses Bhupesh.

In the evening, Sanjana and Chedilal arrive at Sajan’s house. Both Kashmira and Sanjana say to each other that they want to talk to the other person. Sajan grows anxious and wonders why Bhupesh isn’t going out while Bhupesh keeps an eye on both Chedilal and Ramvati. Kashmira and Sanjana decide to go to the kitchen. Sajan tries to stop them but fails, so he also follows them. Ramvati sends Bhupesh out. Chedilal praises her. Sajan sees Kashmira and Sanjana from outside and gets worried.

Precap: Chedilal and Ramvati flirt with each other. Bhupesh confronts them. Ramvati puts all the blame on Chedilal, shocking the latter. Sanjana questions Bhupesh’s rude behavior towards Chedilal. Ramvati accuses Chedilal, which shocks everyone.

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