May I Come In Madam 28th November 2023 Written Update: Sajan goes on a forest trip with Sanjana

May I Come In Madam 28th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanjana questioning Sajan about forest related things. Sajan gets shocked, but he gives some explanation. Sanjana then inquired Sajan about his extended family, whom he claimed to be in jungle. Sajan lies to her that he is in contact with them and visits there often. Sanjana gets surprised. She then asks Sajan to take her to the forest and talks about the benefits of being in the forest. Sajan agrees to take her to the jungle. He then makes some jokes. Sanjana gets happy, and she also laughs with Sajan.

Later, Sajan meets Khiloni. Both of them ask the other person about their plan. Sajan tells Khiloni that he is planning to take Sanjana with him to the forest the next day itself. Khiloni suggests that Sajan take Sanjana with him in the evening because at that time, the temperature will be -10 degrees Celsius as he took his girlfriend there in the past. Sajan gets happy and decides to take Sanjana to the forest in the evening.

Here, Bhupesh inquires Ramvati for asking him to take down a heavy suitcase from the upper shelf. Ramvati scolds him for inquiring like her father. Kashmira arrives there. She questions Ramvati for packing her things. Ramvati informs Kashmira about her forest trip plan with Chedilal to her. She also tells that Chedilal invited all of them. Kashmira refuses to go on a forest trip with Ramvati leaving Sajan behind, so Ramvati allows Kashmira to take Sajan with her to the trip.

Just then, Sajan arrives there. He puts up an act of losing his teacher, who considered him and Khiloni as his favorite student. He also tells that the teacher’s last wish is both him and Khiloni has to do the last rites for him. He further tells Kashmira that he is going to perform it, so he is leaving with Khiloni the next day, then goes inside. Kashmira gets upset. She asks Ramvati what she should do now. Ramvati suggests that she go on a forest trip with her without Sajan. Kashmira agrees.

During travel, Sanjana asks Sajan to tell her some interesting facts about both the forest and the people who live there. Sajan’s attempt of lies upsets Sanjana more as she claims it as boring information. Sajan lies to her about a miracle pond in the jungle, which will cure the skin diseases that surprises Sanjana. Sajan imagines himself with Sanjana alone in the forest nearby a pond. Someone throws a dust on Sajan, which leads him to come out of his imagination.

Here, Kashmira scolds Ramvati for throwing dust outside on their way to the forest. She then says to Ramvati that she feels Sajan is in the car, which crossed their’s now. Ramvati makes a joke. She then flirts with Chedilal in front of Kashmira and Bhupesh. Kashmira gets confused.

In the forest, two officers decide to alert the village people about the tiger’s return to that place. Later, Sajan lies to Sanjana , who is friends with pythons, so the latter persuades him to let her take photos with it. Sajan gets shocked, but he distracts her. He then learns that Sanjana didn’t bring food for her. Meanwhile, Kashmira and Bhupesh complain to each other how they have to work here too instead of relaxing while Chedilal and Ramvati go for a walk. There, Sajan tries berries and falls unconscious. Sanjana screams.

Precap: Sanjana informs Sajan about her missing jacket. Later, Sajan gets attacked. Sanjana becomes shocked.

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