May I Come In Madam 4th December 2023 Written Update: Ashu compliments Kashmira’s paintings

May I Come In Madam 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kashmira entering the staff room, followed by Bhupesh. Bhupesh notices Pyaari, who remains like a statue, so he asks her what happened while Kashmira shares her happiness seeing her paintings on the wall. Khiloni glares at Bhupesh. Sanjana arrives there and gets surprised seeing Kashmira there. Kashmira asks his opinion about her paintings to Sanjana. Sanjana says something, but Khiloni switches on the cleaner so Kashmira fails to hear it, so Sanjana asks Sajan to make the deep cleaning staff leave the place. Sajan makes up an excuse to prevent Sanjana and Kashmira from speaking with each other. Ashu looks at Kashmira’s paintings and praises it, so Sanjana agrees to keep the paintings in her office, ordering Sajan to hang all the paintings in the walls. Kashmira gets happy. She decides to inform Ramvati and then leaves. Pyaari falls on the table, so Bhupesh accuses Khiloni, but the latter scolds him.


In Agarwal’s house, Sajan hears Kashmira threaten him in her sleep, so he wakes up and asks why she is threatening him. Kashmira tells him that she dreamed of him kidnapping Sanjana. Sajan scolds her but inquires what else she saw in the dream. Kashmira gives him a detailed version of her dream. Sajan imagines kidnapping Sanjana and tries to impress her with a musical instrument. Sanjana enjoys the music in her tied up state. Sajan comes out of his imagination after he hears Kashmira’s scream. He realises that he is biting her hand, so he defends his actions and orders her to make him a coffee and then leaves the place.

Later, Pyaari tries to flirt with Bhupesh, but the latter scolds her. Sajan arrives there and slaps Bhupesh. He also starts calling Chedy by names in insulting ways. Sanjana arrives there. She hears everything, so questions Sajan’s action. Sajan becomes speechless. Sanjana shares her disappointment towards Sajan and then leaves from there. Sajan follows to her cabin, pleading with her to listen to him. There, Kashmira taunts Ramvati for her always chatting with someone on the phone. Ramvati defends her behavior and then tells a shayari, then goes inside.

Gulabiya meets Kashmira and informs Kashmira’s colony person eloped with someone else. He also advises Kashmira to keep an eye on Sajan. Kashmira defends Sajan. She then looks on thoughtfully. Here, Sajan says to Sanjana that he isn’t using any degraded words against Chedy because with friends, he talks to them or call them in such a way only. He also lies to her that he considers Chedy as his friend, who also talks about how Chedy is distancing himself from them. Sanjana agrees with Sajan. Sajan imagines Sanjana flirting with him. He acts weird, so Sanjana scolds him, but Sajan lies to her. Sanjana asks him to kidnap her to check Chedilal’s love for her. Sajan gets shocked by Sanjana’s order.

Sajan calls Khiloni, but the latter gets irked by Sajan’s behavior. In order to calm down Khiloni, Sajan talks to him in a flirtious way, which Kashmira hears it and misunderstands him. Later, Sajan meets Khiloni, but he likes Khiloni’s idea of kidnapping Sanjana, so he scolds Khiloni. Kashmira overhears their conversation.

Precap: Kashmira, with the help of Bhupesh and Ramvati, ties up Sajan in a bed and demands him to confess the truth to her. She then reads Sanjana’s message for Sajan, which shocks Sajan.

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