Mayura decides to let fate determine the future: Pinjara

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Colors tv show Pinjara is garnering the attention of audience with new twists and turns. Omkar has challenged Mayura that once he visits Jabalpur and does not remember anything, they should stop meeting. On other hand Mayura declares that she will marry only Omkar and if they are fated to meet, they will surely cross the paths.

In the previous episode Omkar saw the writing by Mayura on the wall, he felt something but didn’t recall anything about past. Mayura asked Vishakha why she looks tensed as if her plan got flop.
Mayura told Vishakha that her birthmark Om is for her Omkar, her liking towards sword fighting is also because of past connection and her Omkar was Sangemarmar Sartaj of marble factory.

Mayura stopped Sachin and told she will definitely get married but only to her Omkar. Vishakha blackmailed Mahesh about business and asked him to continue preparations for wedding.

Omkar came to meet Mayura. Mayura told him, that her marriage had been fixed with Ishan, she also requested him to once visit Jabalpur and go to Narmada ghat and marble factory. Omkar challenged her that even after visiting those places if he doesn’t recall anything, Mayura and Omkar should never meet again. Omkar’s mother went to Mayura’s house to warn her but got insulted by her family members. Mayura told her she will not try to meet Omkar but let destiny decide it.

Will Jabalpur become the reason for Omkar and Mayura to reunite?

How will Omkar and Mayura’s love cross all barriers?

To find out more stay tuned to Pinjara on colors tv and voot app.