Me time is the most important time for me : Ssharad Malhotra

Busy actor Ssharad Malhotra works round the clock and admits me time is the most important thing for him. He says,”I work 12 hours every day throughout the month. On set you have hundreds of people around you. There are lights and in all the hustle bustle you don’t get time for yourself. Sometimes I just want to sit with myself and ask some questions or maybe just sit alone and meditate. For me the me time is post packup on my drive badk home. I put on my favourite music in the background.  For sometime I do not want to talk to anyone and, that time is meant for me. Whenever I get an off I sleep and take rest and then watch my favourite show or film and also play with my pet dog which is a great stressbuster. Pamper myself, eat my favourite food. In my hectic schedule I always look and wait for my me time.”