July 18, 2019
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Meditation & music therapy for Mohit Mallik!

Creating a mass curiosity & keeping his loyal viewers on the edge of the seat with one question, ‘When will Sikandar Gill reunite with his daughter Kullfi?  actor Mohit Mallik is successfully ruling the otherwise women oriented television space with his unconventional family drama playing a sensitive & compassionate father & doesn’t shy away from shedding tears often on screen breaking the stereotype that men don’t cry.

With a career spanning over a decade, Mohit continues to remain a shy & rather private person & prefers spending time productively in between shots by indulging in some me time & self improvisation.
The actor believes to constantly work on himself irrespective of the experience he’s had & swears by meditation & music therapy that keeps him dedicated, ‘Kullfi… is not your regular show. When you see me weeping, those tears are real. It’s one of the toughest shows & I love the appreciation it has got us. We’re working round the clock so I prefer using my free time to meditate or listen to some relaxing music to make peace within. I also utilize that time to write down the inner world of the character in my notes. Meditation has helped me focus better & helps me visualize & feel my emotions clearly. I personally believe this practice helps me deliver by best in the first take, I don’t take time for granted.’ 
The actor shares a great camaraderie with the girls in the show & spends quality time with them on set, however he enjoys his own company, ‘I don’t really spend more time socializing because I believe in making peace within myself. I don’t take television lightly. Success can be overwhelming so meditation helps me stay humble. It teaches you to be with your breath & prepares you for the worse because there will be off days, you have to accept that you’re not a machine.’ 


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