Meera Deosthale: My mother somehow managed to get her first jab, I’m worried about her second dose and waiting for a slot for my vaccination

Meera Deosthale feels it was wise to get the frontline workers, health workers and the elderly to get vaccinated first. However, she expresses concern regarding the shortage of vaccines and how many people are yet to get their doses.

“My mother herself has only managed to get her first jab as of now. I am worried about her second dose and still waiting to get a slot for my vaccination,” she says, hoping that the vaccine crisis of vaccine would get over soon.

This pandemic has made us think about life and death like never before, opines the Udaan actor. “Health comes first, my mom used to always say that but I never took this advice seriously before. Now I have come down to understanding it in the last one year. I have taken utmost care of myself and my family. Touchwood we all have been safe all through the pandemic,” she adds.

Talking about how the economy and work have been badly affected by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, she says, “There’s an economic crunch in every field and work opportunities have reduced. All we can do in times like these is help the needy and save as much as possible for the rainy day. We have to stay positive and wait for the right time to come. We are all in this together. This too shall pass is what I am telling myself and everyone else.”