Meet 12th January 2023 Written Update: Sarkar troubles Meet

Meet 12th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sarkar pouring water over the Agni and saying to Meet that in Sarkarpur women are busy taking care of men then how can they come to work in the factory? He asks Meet if she doesn’t know the rules of Sarkarpur. Meet says Sarkarpur is on earth not on the moon to have special rules. Sarkar says he forgives only 3 mistakes. Meet leaves. Mahendra says she accepted the defeat. Meet comes there and puts a brick in the Bhoomi Pooja and says she will also see who will stop this factory from constructing. Some mud falls on Sarkar’s face. Meet says now Sarkarpur people will follow the rules like other places. She forwards the tissue to Sarkar. Sarkar leaves with his men.

Sarkar returns home. Sarkar’s wife sees his state and asks who did it and who has done it to him. Mahindra tries to say. Sarkar stops him and manages saying something. She thinks he is hiding something from her. She goes inside. Sarkar tells Mahindra that it’s not good to reveal their insults to women otherwise they lose respect for us.

Inspector meets Meet and asks her to stop building the project in Sarkarpur and warns her that Sarkar won’t let her build it. Meet says it’s the dream of my husband and he chose this village so I completed it for him and I’m ready to face Sarkar. Sarkar tells Mahindra that he will teach a lesson to Meet. Inspector stops Meet and tells her that he will support her. Meet thanks him and returns home. Raj and Babita ask her if everything is fine. Meet says everything is fine and the police said he will help them. She says she will come after freshening up. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat’s photo and thinks about why Dad choose this photo. She doesn’t ask them. Raj and Babita also think why Meet chooses different photo. Meet cries in her room missing Meet Ahlawat.

Sarkar and Minister ask Sp to stop protecting Meet’s site. Meghna says to her mother and Sarkar’s wife she wants to study and doesn’t want to marry him. Sarkar’s wife burns her study certificate and tells her that her dreams are burning. Meghna cries. Sarkar’s wife says here woman’s duty is giving birth to kids so it’s good if you follow it.

Next day, Meet and Sp go to her site. She sees a few people in her site with cows and asks what are they doing. Sarkar comes there. Meet releases animals. She says animals have better knowledge so they leave from my site. Sarkar tells Meet that this site belongs to him and he makes the seller tell to her who sold that land to her. Sp says he will check the papers and goes. Mahindra drives on mud and makes it fall on Meet. Meet thinks about how to fulfill her husband’s dream.

Sarkar’s wife asks the Ladies to do the arrangements for Lohri perfectly. She supervises the arrangements. Sarkar enjoys with his grandchildren. Sp comes there with his team. Mahindra and his men confront Sp and question why he came. Sp says they came with an arrest warrant. Sarkar and his men are taken aback. Sarkar asks who filed the complaints. Meet comes there and reveals to them that she is the one who filed the complaint.

Episode ends.

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