Meet 12th September 2022 Written Update: Meet plans to convince the investors

Meet 12th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet coming towards the dining table. Raj tells her to have breakfast but she says she has meeting with the investors and she has to leave urgently. Raj blesses her and says she should remember his lesson what he taught her in the morning. Meet leaves and Raj says though she has meeting but she still made breakfast for them. Neelam serves parathas to Ahlawats and there Sunaina tells the press control man that she will talk to him after taking the breakfast on table. She notices a cockroach on the food and gets shocked. Ram likes the taste of the paratha and tells Neelam to serve it to Raj too. Raj says he doesn’t want to eat. He indirectly taunts Barfi that though the family has been split into two but she can’t change the bonding of hearts. Sunaina tells Babita that there’s cockroach on the food which Meet made. So Raj can’t eat that.

Barfi recalls how she ruined the food to make place in Raj’s heart for Neelam. Neelam insists Raj to eat her parathas as he has to take medicines after that. Raj refuses saying he won’t eat from Neelam’s hands. Babita also insists Raj to do that. Meet Ahlawat does requests Raj.

Neelam tells Raj that she is also his daughter in law then he can’t eat her cooked food. Raj says his daught in law is Meet only. Neelam says he made Meet his son and she went out to handle the business then at home atleast he can allow her to fulfil the duty of a daughter in law. Meet talks to Akash while driving the car. He tells her to bring a confidential file for the meeting. Raj is about to leave and Meet Ahlawat pleads Neelam to convince Raj to eat the paratha somehow. He will obey her whatever she will say. Neelam tries to slit her wrist and threatens to harm herself if he doesn’t eat the paratha. Barfi thinks Neelam is using her brain finally to win the battle. Babita says Raj cant eat outside food so he should eat atleast one paratha. Raj says life is not a joke that Neelam will end it. Neelam says he is also not taking care of his health by refusing to eat food, medicines..

Raj says he is more adamant than her. She slightly injures her wrist and finally he comes to eat the paratha. Barfi praises Neelam for her act. She treats her wound and Meet enters at that time and Raj says can he eat her tiffin as he can’t order food from outside but she can. Meet gives him that and he eats it. He tells Neelam to go to the hospital and adds she has to earn respect and blessing like Meet did. She can’t get it forcibly. Neelam feels jealous and leaves.

Meet stops her to talk to her. She says she doesn’t know what happened but she hurt Neelam unknowingly. Neelam replies Meet never meant to hurt her but she hurts her every time unintentionally. She gets all the attention and everyone needs her. She can’t become the daughter in law until Meet leaves the house. Meet says she also doesn’t want to stay here but she is bound to do that. Meet gets call from the office and Neelam tells her to leave.

Meet reaches office with briefcase and Masoom asks her what will she do with it? Meet tells her to mind her own business. Masoom thinks how would Meet handle the meeting with the investors? This is not a joke. Meet Ahlawat thinks what Meet will tell the investors. He bumps into Neelam and his coat gets dirty due to food stain. Neelam apologises to him for failing to feed Raj. Meet Ahlawat says atleast she tried. She takes his coat and goes to clean it. Meet talks to the investors and gives them the briefcases saying they can take back their money. But then they won’t be able to be a part of Ahlawat company’s profit or success in coming future. They won’t get the chance to work with Ahlawat pharmacy again. The investors get shocked to know that and then they try to open the briefcases. Meet recalls how she put papers inside the briefcases instead of money.

Episode ends

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