Meet 13th May 2022 Written Update: Meet refuses to leave the house

Meet 13th May 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet telling Raj that giving false statement is wrong. She says Raj and Babita did love marriage then why will he go against love marriage? Raj says if she won’t accept his statement then he will submit that to another inspector. Meet says she doesn’t know how Hawa got the pendrive but she is determined to prove that he is innocent. She will find out the real culprit for sure. She can’t lose her another father.

Ram sits devastated in his room and looks numb. Everyone comes to him and says he should not lose hope like that. They ask him to react but he remains silent. Tej tells Meet Ahlawat that sometimes ago they were celebrating mothers day then whose evil eyes destroyed their happiness all of a sudden. Meet Ahlawat says he will find a solution till tomorrow. Meet looks at Raj and assures him that she will get him released anyhow by tomorrow.

Isha thinks what to do to save Raj. She sees Shanty is sleeping with face pack on his face. She takes his phone and leaves. He stops her and says how dare she took the phone without asking him. Isha asks Abhay he said if she marries Shanty then nothing will happen to her family then why Raj got arrested? She says she will go to police station and will reveal that Raj is not the killer. Abhay stops her saying what she will tell the Police? If Raj is not the killer then Ram will get arrested. Isha says but Ram can’t kill someone. Abhay says Police will believe in proofs so it’s her choice she will tell the truth or not. Isha feels helpless.

Meet Ahlawat stops Meet from entering the house, he says he won’t let her stay here as she trapped his father in false case. He asks her to leave. Ragini tries to stop Meet Ahlawat but Babita says he is doing the right thing. Meet says she knows Meet Ahlawat is angry with her. Masoom throws away Meet’s luggage and Meet Ahlawat says he is asking her politely to leave else there will be consequences. Meet says she is not going anywhere. She adds after marriage she has full rights on her sasural. Meet Ahlawat is noone to throw her out. He replies she can stay here but as a daughter in law only not as an inspector. He puts forth a condition to her saying she has to leave the post of sub inspector to stay here. He tells her to choose. Meet writes on the paper that she is not leaving. She says why a wife has to give tests all the time. Noone treats their family members like that. She is his wife and she has equal rights on this house like other members. She is not an animal that she will be kicked out like this. She says they didn’t allow her to choose this profession at first, she had to prove that she didn’t help her sister to run away. Why she has to prove her innocence and not anyone in the house? She goes to her room and Babita says she doesn’t want to see Meet’s face as the latter lost all respect. Babita says Meet won’t call her mother from now on. Babita is about to faint and she is taken to room. Masoom taunts Meet saying she is showing attitude and ruling over them. Meet cries in her room and recalls her husband’s words. Meet Ahlawat bangs his palm on the wall out of frustration.

Episode ends

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