Meet 14th November 2022 Written Update: Meet makes a request to the cops

Meet 14th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Babita pushing Meet to Raj’s feet. Raj asks Babita what is she doing? Babita asks Raj to question Meet on where did she hide Meet Ahlawat. Raj defends Meet saying to Babita that Meet could never do that even in her dreams. Babita says she did it and says she visited the place where Meet hid Meet Ahlawat and shows Meet Ahlawat’s phone and purse as proof. Meet says the one who kidnapped Meet Ahlawat is Neelam. Masum praises Meet for her story.

Meet Ahlawat gets consciousness and decides to escape from here. Meet Ahlawat holds the Goon’s neck from the back and asks him to stop the car. Laila asks Meet Ahlawat to release the Goon and says they will escape to a place where they will not be recognised. Meet Ahlawat doesn’t listen to Laila. The Goon points a gun at Meet Ahlawat.

Raj reminds Babita what Meet did for their family. Babita says Meet is insecure after Neelam married Meet Ahlawat and says she became even more insecure after Neelam became pregnant with Meet Ahlawat’s son.

Laila asks the Goon to put down the gun. The Goon listens to Laila and puts down the gun. Meet Ahlawat takes this chance to escape from the car. Laila and the Goon go after Meet.

Barfi blames Meet and says she is the one who kidnapped Meet Ahlawat and says she will show proof. Barfi tells them to question Meet on why she has Mangalsutra on her if she doesn’t have any relationship with Meet Ahlawat. Barfi also tells them to question Meet on whose name did she do Karwa Chauth’s Vrath. Meet Ahlawat is shown to be escaping from Laila and the goon. Raj asks Meet what is the truth? Meet says Meet Ahlawat and her love each other and says before they told them about it, Neelam’s pregnancy news came out and says Barfi asked them to hide their relationship as it might come out that Neelam’s unborn child is not Meet Ahlawat’s. Barfi acts as Meet is questioning Neelam’s dignity and says she will take Neelam away from here as Neelam is not safe in this house. Babita assures Barfi that nothing will happen to Neelam and asks Meet where is her son? Meet says she is saying the truth and says Neelam kidnapped Meet Ahlawat.

Babita slaps Meet. Raj says to Babita to never do that again. Babita says she will do anything to get her son back and asks the police to come and take Meet into custody. Meet asks the police for 24 hrs time and says she already talked to the S P sir about it. Meet Ahlawat reaches the Ahlawat mansion. Meet feels that Meet Ahlawat is near and tries to go out but the police stop her. The Goon stops Meet Ahlawat from going inside. Laila makes Meet Ahlawat unconscious using chloroform. The constable asks Meet to go inside. Meet requests the police for some time. The police agree to give her 24 hrs as she requested. The police leave from there. Babita says to Meet that she should not come near Neelam and she warns all the family members to not tell where Neelam is to Meet.

Episode ends.

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